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Thread: 10 years later, how do you feel about Thief 2X?

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    Maybe some of you won't understand why, but for me, T2X is thief 3! It ties with TMA and I like both of them much more than thief gold.
    I don't know why but somehow I don't like missions with surreal stuff in it and the original thief had lots of those. Thieves guild and song of the caverns are in my opinion the best TG OMs.

    That's the reason why I love T2X so much - it is more like you're playing in a steampunk pirate age. The brothel, the grand motel, ye olde smugglers cave.. fantastic!

    I don't think the story is too bad - a betrayed woman inflicting a war between the cruel smugglers and the goofy mechanists? Awesome


    and not to forget the scene in the kitchen were one guard is trying to give the other one a burrick sausage

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    Whoa, looks like I missed that kitchen scene (or don't remember it clearly). Link please?

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    it's an apple sausage, actually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dev_Anj View Post
    Whoa, looks like I missed that kitchen scene (or don't remember it clearly). Link please?

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    The main things I remember about T2X:

    Its version of Thief's non-lethal blackjack was a skull-cracking claw hammer.

    The bad guy is named Malak. Because "mal" means "bad". Nudge-nudge wink-wink. See also: Mausoleous.

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    The main thing I remember was ZB was not a fan of the claw hammer and never missed a chance to question it.

    Aside from that... What I remember was its best pros and its worst cons had the same origins, which was that it was a democratic project for the fans, of the fans, by the fans. The other big campaign projects, Hammerite Imperium and Cosas, had great artistic visions, but work on them dripped to a stop and they could never get finished, and I think that's because they were pushing just the vision of a few people, so could never get all the help they needed.

    T2X got finished, and still met its ambition to be a full campaign. I think it could only have done that being a democratic model. T2X was also able to have a lot of new bells and whistles, like all new AI models and weapons that other campaigns couldn't even get into, again because of the fan contributions. But also because of that, T2X had a lower barrier of entry for things getting contributed, so things got in that didn't necessarily fit with the whole, like inconsistent art direction, or the whole was more patchwork. But all in all, I think it was worth it. T2X had some flaws, but it was also much more ambitious than anything that came before, and represented the work of a lot of different people that cared a lot about the game.

    So I think it deserves its recognition, although there are a lot of things I would want changed if I were doing it, but then I recognize if it were me doing it, it probably wouldn't have gotten made at all.

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    It may be raw and lack the polish of a professionally produced title, but like all good punk rock it more than makes up for it in personality.

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    It had some varying quality in level design and half of the voice acting was gratingly bad and not in the so-bad-it's-good category like some old gaming classics such as Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, but overall it was definitely worth playing and I've went through the entire campaign 4 times over the years. The latest being last year.

    The claw hammer thing bugged me, too, by the way. I can appreciate the more "improvised" feel to it, but it also feels like you'd have a high chance of killing someone whacking them with that. I like the Dark Mod's blackjack model as a more improvised-looking tool that may not be quite as fatal. Whereas Garrett's in the series looks more like it was made by some kind of actual craftsman.

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    It had projectile vomiting zombies that could be decapitated. That alone should earn the T2X team kudos! True, it could be uneven in places but the same could be said for sections of TMA. I was a bit annoyed with the plot--a skilled yet easily duped protagonist gets tangled in a conspiracy. That's the basic storyline of 90% of FPS games. Still, the thing got finished, played and discussed all these years later. I'd say T2X was a success.

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    I enjoyed the mission pack altogether It's been years since I played it, so my impression is mostly from memory...
    For one, it was hard to change my character mindset from Garrett to some girl. Then, her character was also all over the place so I couldn't even get myself into the story. There seemed to be many good ideas, but the story used too many of them and never fleshed out a solid plot. Actually, I think Thief 2 itself suffers from the same problem.
    The missions were pretty and varied. The new weapons and items were fun. But beyond all that, nothing really sticks out in my head. There have been other missions, much smaller is scope that have really had an impact on me because of their top-tier writing and design.

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    For me, T2X is a must install when replaying Thief Gold + Metal Age! Especially with the HD mod which makes everything look a bit prettier. The amount of work the creators put into this fan campaign is just mind-blowing. Many thanks for the people who worked on this campaign!

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    We are currently testing the campaign. Just a couple of minor issues with NewDark, stats, etc. So this is very well done, no serious bugs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unna Oertdottir View Post
    We are currently testing the campaign. Just a couple of minor issues with NewDark, stats, etc. So this is very well done, no serious bugs.
    Wait, are you bugfixing T2X?

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    We are testing and bugfixing every mission. Current year 2005.

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    Awesome, I might be able to help with T2X. Will write fortuni a PM in a bit.

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    it was nice while it lasted....but I have only ever played it the once,and never felt the need to go and play it again,unlike all the other FMs...maybe it's time to revisit it,for me.

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