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Thread: useable item in thief fan missions you want to see more of

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    useable item in thief fan missions you want to see more of

    ok i am talking about user created items for fan missions that are not om

    an example is shadow jack,that one staff that shoots magic balls,etc

    kinda a two part question

    first part is what non om created items do you like

    second part should some of the user created items be used more in other missions made by other people

    i personally feel i would love to see some of those items in more missions as the small amount we get to use them in usually a hand full of missions at best is kinda a downer

    maybe a mass email can go out to the authors asking if they would allow use of there created use able items to be used in other missions

    i am not talking about textures/brushes

    sometimes i will be playing a fan mission and think to myself how i wish i had the shadow jack/etc

    do you feel its stealing?

    the straying away from magic in thief is worry some to me as i feel the roots should be strong with magic in fan missions in many ways,i rarly even see the magic street lamps used anymore ,like the poor buricks being extinct,just sad

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    If dozens of FMs have shadow jack or staff of far reach (or whatever), it's not unique tools any more and will become boring.

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    maybe as a super hard easter egg to get?

    dont get me wrong i love om equipment but sometimes something extra is nice no matter what it is

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    A thread was buried for this

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    Long time ago I played Hookshot test map and I really felt in love with this tool. Too bad it was never used in any FMs.

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    i did he grappling hook in that one set of mission where you can collect golden pigs ,was real nice,let you stick it in to stone i think

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    How about the Flare? I’ve gotten more use out of it in FMs than any playthru of the OMs.

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    only time i ever used a flare was in dark mission where you can lob them at torches to light them,other wise my gamma is pretty high and they draw attention to garrett,so no good to me ussaly

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    there was a kind of elevator in a Mechanist based FM...I think it had a Manic Trickster in it following you around...I cant remember the author.....and you had to jump and bounce up through the hole to the next floor...this bouncing bit was awesome....I would like to see that used a bit more in missions

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    you are talking about gorts first series of missions,the floating jumps to upper platform rebellion of the builder part 1 series,low gravity effect

    some thief space missions have it in some areas
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    Could a thief get more than one or two ^%#!ing gas arrows!? I'd like a mission to really focus on this wonderful tool. Something like : "get your mitts on some gas arrows and make your plan. If you leave a single outside guard conscious you're pinched." Instead of getting in close create a scenario where Garrett has to snipe and be quick about it once he begins.

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    Well not exactly the way you said, but Secret Breaking Of A Pyramid features like 50 gas arrows in the starting equipment. It was meant to use instead of water arrows on torches (and against the mass of spiders) I think, reserving water arrow to the undead.
    Though if you had that much gas arrows, you could just set up an arms-dealer shop and gain the money Garrett needed to retire in style

    Personally I'd be happy to see some of the shiny objects (usually playing the role of the target loot). Another cool stuff coming into my mind was a crystal sword which made you less visible and might have hit harder than the normal sword - not sure about the latter.

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    Non valuable plates and other such throwable items that you can actually keep several of in your inventory and use later to cause noise, hoping to lead guards away from your position (but not noise arrows). Could be replaced with marbles, small rocks, whatever.

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    the shrink potion was amazing got you into areas where doors could only be opened from the inside

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