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Thread: T2 FM - Deadly Cure (2019-05-05)

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    Registered: May 2011
    I thoroughly enjoyed this mission, Korthak! It has a classic feel to it with a good mix of settings. Well done and I hope you make more missions!

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    Thanks for this mission. Nice work.

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    I thought this was excellent Korthak. I had a bit of a scare figuring I was Scot free leaving the skull area, and ended up with the hairs standing up on my arms due to fright. Hope you continue making more. Great mission.

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    Nice mission so far but where is the blackjack?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Independent Thief View Post
    Nice mission so far but where is the blackjack?
    It's in the armory.

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    I enjoyed this mission very much. Good work, hope to see more from you

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