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Thread: Picture your original copies.

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    Registered: Nov 2003
    Location: Thief fan since ca. 1999
    Dang, three different boxed copies, that's quite a collection!

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    Registered: Nov 2006
    Location: Moscow
    Guys, i recently bought all three games in trapezoidal box on ebay and wanna to check the internals. Is there any pictures of what i should have inside thief tdp, thief gold and thief ii box?


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    Registered: May 2008
    Location: Southern,California
    i had original thief the dark project,it came with a demo disk for tomb raider/etc,and game disk for thief with booklet in case for game,might have had a piece of paper for spec's?

    my thief 2 was in the normal rectangle box,have no idea what it came besides game disk and booklet

    and i never owned a real copy of thief gold,only burned version's

    you must have gotten thief 1 the dark project,thief gold and thief 2 in those boxes as thief 3 never had that shape,congrats

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