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Thread: Available voice actors

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    Welcome Samantha and Purgator! I've just added you both to the list.

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    Hello everyone. I'm posting this following a suggestion on another thread. I'm looking for volunteers to create complete voicesets for custom apebeasts (both male and female) for an upcoming project (I'll be using apebeast voices for goblins and orcs). I need at least 4 custom voicesets, so there's room for everyone. Please be as creative as possible, I'm hoping to add some variety and differentiate each apebeast/goblin in my mission. If the idea of creating crazy apebeast/goblin voices strikes your fancy, please don't hesitate to either post here or get in touch via PM! Thanks in advance!
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    It crosses my mind that the DEDX01 package contains a nonverbal voice set called Bluemonkey, which you could use for a child ape just in case you don't find any voice actors. The Ogre sound packages might be suitable for nonverbal apes, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zappenduster View Post
    It crosses my mind that the DEDX01 package contains a nonverbal voice set called Bluemonkey, which you could use for a child ape just in case you don't find any voice actors. The Ogre sound packages might be suitable for nonverbal apes, too.
    Thanks for this, I had forgotten about these!

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    Hello all Ė I wanted to offer my voice for mission authors. Iíve been thinking of doing it for a while, and now will finally make a post.

    1: Type of voice: Male, American accent. Down for guards, Hammerites, thieves, and Garrett (or equivalent player-character), but open to others. Iíd even be willing to try creatures, like a burrick, if necessary (not that Iíve practiced burrick noises beforeÖ.).

    2: Experience: none with FMs, and no official voice acting experience, but I have hosted podcasts in freelance work before and have done some Thief LPs. Iíve included links to Thief-voice samples below (that I recorded for this, havenít used them elsewhere).

    3: Status/contact: I have email notifications set for my PMs, so via PM is fine. However, if for whatever my PM inbox is full, or youíd rather use email, then you can reach me at: trevorhwhalen[at]gmail[dot]com

    I usually respond to messages within 24 hours. Currently I can offer quick turnaround as well, depending on the project.

    4: Setup: I use a Blue Yeti USB microphone. For recording and editing, I typically use Audacity.

    Other info: I am a longtime Thief fan (since 2000) and longtime FM player and lurker here (since about the same time) though I didnít create a profile for several years. In recent years I have occasionally been active here, sharing some of my writings. I love Thief, it is my favorite entertainment and narrative experience out of anything, and I would love to help with your FMís voices anyway I can.

    Here are my samples to relay an impression of my voice, and whether youíd think it be anything that could help your FM:

    -Me reciting the briefing for Lord Baffordís Manor:
    -Me reciting a few Hammerite lines:
    -Me reciting a few guard lines:

    Thanks for reading and any consideration!

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    Hello all,

    I am currently in the process of beta testing my upcoming fan mission “Cole Hurst 1: Eaton” for TDM and I’ve got a few bits of dialogue that are still missing and one poorer performance that I’d like to replace entirely.

    I’m looking for one or several male voice actors who’d be interested in contributing with the following:

    1. Spoken monologue for the thief protagonist - about 5-6 sentences
    2. A one-way conversation from a poor man hiding in the sewers from the Builders – about 4-5 lines
    3. New voice for Cpt. Braxton in an existing conversation between him and a house maid – around 4 lines

    I would really like it if all of these (perhaps except for nr. 2) could have as little hints of foreign accents as possible, since the other conversations already have a little of that going on.

    I’d be honored if anyone is interested, and if so then please PM me and I will send you over the written script (here I’m also open to suggestions) as soon as possible.

    P.s. Apologies if this is not the right place to post this – please let me know if this is so.

    EDIT: I have just been informed that there seems to be some permissions error when attempting to PM me on this forum. If this is the case for you also, then I would highly recommend that you PM me over on thedarkmod forum instead (username "bwyan").
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    Thank you Phantom! I know I've only posted a few clips of a Karras voice and an Ape Beast I did, but I am pretty versatile, I can adjust my voice to fit almost any circumstance, all I need is a modest script and the lore behind the scene in question and a decent amount of time to perfect the job at hand, I'm a perfectionist, so I wouldn't submit a completed work unless I'm totally satisfied with my end product.

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    Greetings all. I've received some requests to record some parts and have tried responding via email and the emails have bounced back. So if anyone needs to contact me please try via message here and I'll try to get back to you. I promise I haven't been ignoring anyone!

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