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Thread: Do you have any thief traditions?

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    Location: Nottinghamshire, UK
    Ah cool I was wondering if anyone did a list of sorts. I know its not an official list but its a great idea.

    I played thru Thief 1 & 2 mainly thru the darker nights of autumn & winter time, and lit a small candle to give me just enough backlight when things got really dark. And mainly played with headphones, so I could completely (or as near as possible) eliminate the Real World.

    I think when you 'prepare' yourself with these various preferences, you get a better experience from your game.


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    I have a rather unique thing with thief.. I can't play it if there's anyone else in the room, or if even the slightest chance that I might be interrupted. so I generally play the game when I can be completely assured that nobody will disturb me in any way possible.
    (yes, I even put the phone off the hook)

    And.. this might be silly, but it's my own damn fault.... at the time when I got thief, I was reading up alot regarding how memories are stored in the brain.. and thought that it would be cool to drink a certain flavour of tea everytime I played thief.... so after my first playthrough of both games (1 and 2) I decided to take a break..... then time flies onward and one evening.. a friend of mine offers me a cup of tea.. and the tea he had put into the cup was.... you guessed it! the tea that I mentioned earlier! so, to me that tea both tastes and smells just like thievery, I don't know if it's available anywhere else in the world, but in sweden it's called "ceylon gardens" and is made by lipton.

    So yeah, now I'm going to get a new cup of thief tea and finish TX2
    Mmm.. tasty thievery... oh yeah, I also tend to eat salty crunchy things because it goes well with the tea... :P

    (yes, I'm a thief nut, and I always will be... those games are the best!)

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    Ah.. User, thats what I call dedication.


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    Damn, dude, thats pretty damned crazy. Good friggin work!

    Sometimes when i play Thief, i get a can of mix nuts, some kinda fruit, or a caffinated beverage of some sort. Keeps me goin thru the long hours of stealing and throwing people off balconies and rooftops, thieving does make one rather thirsty!

    Id have to say, my truest Thief tradition is to play it right after i come home from school, or right before i go, mostly to relieve stress. If i do it before school, it helps keep my mind somewhat...cohesive thru the day, tho i do get a jonze at about the middle of 3rd period... most annoying

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    I work on a similar way user, something that always reminds me of Thief are the warm summer nights (and now it's summer here so I was starting to miss it). Not only thief, but the best times of my life seem to coincidentally happen on Summer, so it's a very enjoyable season for me. But Thief is one of the games that left the deepest marks on my mind.

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    Let's wake up this very old, but great thread.

    I also like to play on evenings/in the night, when the temperature is on the colder side out there (autumn, winter, early spring). I only play with headphones, completely separated from the real world. And, if the level is not too difficult in terms of puzzles, I like to have a couple of ice cold beers while playing, driking them slowly.

    As for traditions:

    - I play the Seven Sisters every year between Christmas and NYE;
    - I like to play Gobreaker each year when the colder season starts (around October);
    - Around Christmas and maybe January, I like to play all those Christine FM series that have snow in it (not just the snowy ones, but the whole series) - they have a timelessly peaceful vibe for me.

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    Before I had an AC, I used to play winter missions in the summer (Dead of Winter, &c), when it was unbearably hot, it helped get my mind off the loathsome weather

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    I used to play Thief FMs in the final hours of each year, before going downstairs to toast with the family. That was before I met my now-wife. Now I have to attend parties with friends. Oh well...

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    Quote Originally Posted by redface View Post
    I used to play Thief FMs in the final hours of each year, before going downstairs to toast with the family. That was before I met my now-wife. Now I have to attend parties with friends. Oh well...
    Hah! Sometimes I wonder why do I like the earliest (2000-2002) FMS so much. That's because they remind me to a much more free and easy period of my life as a teenager.

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    Great topic! How could I have missed it? I play Thief more frequently during autumn and early winter. To make gameplay more rewarding, I play only on Fridays or weekends when most of my goals for the week have already been accomplished. Once it gets dark, I make a cup of coffee or chamomile tea (sometimes I also get some snacks), I turn off the light switch, and I light up a few scented candles instead. I replay old atmospheric FMs from 1999-2002 every year. Every year on Halloween I replay Autumn in Lampfire Hills and Calendra's Cistern. I'm a nostalgic nerd.

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    only thing i do outside of game is prep my keyboard to the left so my hands are on the arrow keys,and i have crouch on ctrl and jump on ins/0,then i make sure mouse area is clean so i get to hiccups on movement,in ear head phones with those flat surfaces so they don't jam in my ear,but set in.

    but when i get into a mission now then i do a lot of things,first i check objectives after i get into a mission ,they seem more streamline to read then,then i check inventory to see what i got to use in mission,check map to see if there is one,
    and of course look for dewdrop in every fan mission

    as far as what i play ,usually missions with a lot of exploration,i am tired of city's missions after i played then 5+ each and 100% them,so i find myself into the more weird type missions

    i really enjoying playing newer missions,and trying to get 100% loot/secrets on first try but to be honest i am getting worse at it,mission are so much more complex then the old days so finding secrets and loot is a massive undertaking but i love it

    also when someone passes i like to go to there missions and play then and find a place i like in mission and give my thank to them,and let them know how much they mean to me and the thief community ,i get sentimental when it comes to thief fan missions,they mean a lot to me

    also i want to say you all are amazing if there is ever a time i am not around i want you all to know how privileged i was to be able to be in the presents of all of you amazing people,i hope i can be around another 53 years so i can hit 100 with who is ever left,so please everyone stay healthy and happy

    downwinder and of course you know dewdrop is concurs

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    I used to like to replay them in May, because I played my first Thief game (Deadly Shadows) that month and happened to play the first two in May as well three years later. But the past years I tend to replay them around late autumn (as I do at this moment), because it gets dark early and I can not play the Thief games when it is bright outside. The cold days give me plenty of dark hours to dive deep into it.

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    For me definitely colder and darker seasons are optimal for playing Thief. I play Thief only with headphones nowadays. And yes, one or two cold beers are a nice bonus when playing FMs at weekends.

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    I find it funny that some people play thief more frequently in certain times of the year like halloween or christmas. Thats sth. I never do/did, because I play thief all the time. Before I started with FMs about 1,5 years ago I only played the OMs. I would make a whole playthrough of all of them or just randomly pick a mission and play it, that goes for thief the dark project, gold, thief 2 and deadly shadows. The first two Id also switch the language depending on the mood I was then once in a while Id play other stealth games like styx or dishonored and then get back to thief again. I only stopped playing the OMs because Im going through the FMs and there are hell of a lot out of there. But you can imagine how often I played all the missions already, playing them since 20 years

    And reading the comment above me: I always played all games without headphones, until I finally tried them out. Now I cant play without them anymore

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    "traditions" ?

    Turn off the lights, close the door, If the sun is up use my blackout blinds, set the volume sliders to just right, put on dark clothes and fire up a gaming VM.

    My _ONLY_ gaming VM's are dedicated to dark enginge games. Thief Dark project, System Shock 2, Thief Gold, and Thief 2 Metal Age.

    OM's I revisit occasionally. Lately I have been beta testing upcoming missions.

    my next batch of FM's to play are from the "In Memoriam" section of the missions by type. I will be playing them all in release order. some I've played before, the others I will use my traditional playstyle.

    My tradition for new FM's: Ironman. no loadout, ghost only, deal no damage.

    If I don't make it to the end (i.e. die, fail mission) I will restart from the beginning and ironman until I have success. only then will I do a methodical search with quicksaves to get perfect loot.
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    I usually play Thief from mid September to mid June, preferring the colder side of the year, when it is easier to play even during the day, since I am not a late night gamer. Around Halloween and New Year I play more and older TG missions than T2 ones.

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    Never Blackjack on a first date.

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    I'm still playing Yandros's A Thief's Holiday around Christmas time.
    There should be more of these hidden object FMs, come to think of it.
    They're good for ritual purposes. XD

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    When I was a kid my family used to gather and play Thief all together.
    Now we're playing it for the first time with my young sister, and once again everyone gathers. It's exciting seeing her fresh reaction to it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purgator View Post
    Never Blackjack on a first date.
    hehe - I laughed at that. good advice

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    I tend to play Thief OMs and FMs throughout the year and mix up which ones I go to at which time. However, I do have one longstanding, hard-fast tradition: A Thief's Holiday at Christmas.

    The only other exception is that often I give Thief 2 X a spin in summer, since I first played it thereabouts in its release year. (Same for Thief 3, to some degree.)

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    I love to play Thief while being alone late in the evening. At first, I get some snacks or preparing salad and some drinks.
    Then I relax on my couch, grab my laptop, turn on some jazz music via online-radio and finally I start playing Thief.
    Really cozy burglaries, you can say.

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