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Thread: Thief Deadly Shadows Shaders?

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    Thief Deadly Shadows Shaders?

    Hello, I used to remember there was a mod shader improver or something for all games, dark project, metal age and deadly shadows. But I can't remember the name. I can't specifically remember if DS had one. Can anyone point me out to them? All I can remember is Garret loader and I know that's not that. Pretty thanks, been trying to remember or look it up for weeks to no avail

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    Also, can anyone remind me how to go around playing fan missions on TDS? I never actually gave it a full chance so I don't remember. But I hear this site is not only active (yaaaay after like 10 years) but that there's also some really good fan missions out there. I only played one, and was basically an enclosed dozen of rooms, fun, but kinda lethargic.

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    Oh please tell me there's a way to improve the gameplay and graphics of TDS. I can handle the bad graphics (It's thief after all) but for some reason this pc ver glitches half of the times I jump, and I slide eternally unable to move properly until I draw an arrow.

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    Give this a shot. It has lots of options.

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    Quote Originally Posted by New Horizon View Post
    Give this a shot. It has lots of options.
    Sneaky loader!!! Thank you good man!! I had forgotten that name. Still don't remember the one for the other two games. But that'll be easier to look up I guess. That'll be for later, for now, I've been having a huge craving for thief3 and I want to satiate.

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