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Thread: Blackjacking

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    Do you play the Thief Games (and the FMs) with knocking every annoying guard out, or without this taktik? I have the feeling that the latter is more atmospheric but less fun 🤔

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    This thread is an instant classic.

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    in reference to candyblock, garrett could be mistaken for a block of caramel

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    I typically dispatch them with a blackjack as I go. Unless the guard patrols and map layout are incredibly thoughtfully done, keeping them around typically just results in tedium, rather than extra fun tension.

    (Obviously I’m not a ghoster, and don’t aspire to be.)

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    I knock them out as I go. Easier to search areas that way.

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    I need the blackjack

    I usually knock out everyone I can as I go. Then, I have the freedom to explore that area at my leisure. I also save weapons (broadheads, mines, water arrows) in case I need them later. I will use arrows for a long distance kill and to rid an area of spiders. Because of the style I like to play, I donít enjoy missions where you canít kill anyone and even Moreno so if I canít knock anyone out.


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    Without, as sneaking around everyone is the most fun way to play any stealth game for me. If I feel like dispatching every enemy in my way, I play a first-person shooter.

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    I don't bother to blackjack anyone unless it's an objective to K/O or kidnap an active AI

    in general my motto for FM's is leave all the AI's awake so they can ponder where all the loot went.

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    For the last few years I have primarily been an Iron / Titanium Manner. I KO and dispatch a lot of enemies. But mainly if they are in my way, or if I know I'll be back through that area later and they'll be an issue then. Otherwise I don't go out of my way to take on enemies.

    I might also KO people to save waiting for a familiar speech to finish before they'll move away. Such as the two Mechanists discussing burricks in Kidnap. They'll get a gas arrow. Or, say, to stop Raoul blocking the exit rope without waiting for him to move aside on his own.

    On another note, IMO Raoul gives the most satisfyin KO grunt of all the original AI.
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    Hm, I knock them out if they are annoying, but I always try to not overdo it. I think a map with every guard knocked out just kills the atmosphere.

    But it's an interesting topic. Do you think the blackjack is overall too powerful?

    Personally I'm divided on this. On one hand I think yes, it's absolutely too powerful. Knocking a guard out is almost always successful, you can knock out as many as you like, and a knocked out guard is basically dead (he never wakes up). On the other hand I don't really see how one could improve it without braking the game-play. Making it harder to knock out a guard would probably just result in more reloads. Guards that wake up after some time would add a time pressure element to it which could also be annoying, but might also be fun. So, I don't know, but I think it would be cool to have an additional gaming mode with a less powerful blackjack.

    I'm sure though this topic must have been discussed many times, haha.

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    i knock everyone out,so i can have a peaceful time looking for secrets/loot

    blackjack is not overpowered in my view,as mission author can make it impossible to backjack guards due to helmet or just plain unblackjackable,now the shadow jack is op due to 100% shadow while active in hand

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    Quote Originally Posted by big_M View Post
    On the other hand I don't really see how one could improve it without braking the game-play.
    I think a good start would be making it harder to run up to a patrolling guard without alerting them. The ambush is not a very useful tactic in Thief, and perhaps it should be.

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