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Thread: Angelwatch Limited Signed Edition Art Print

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    Angelwatch Limited Signed Edition Art Print

    Hey taffers, the pre-order page for my Angelwatch signed limited edition art print is now live:

    This is a Timed Limited Edition. This signed art print will only be available during the two weeks pre-order window from April 23rd to May 9th.

    The final edition run will be determined by the number of prints sold during the pre-sale window.
    This is a collector’s item, once this product is sold out, it will never be reissued in the future.

    • Printed on German Etching 310g paper.
    • 30 x 45 cm (cca 11.8 x 17.7 inches) inc. white border.
    • Hand-numbered.
    • Signed by the artist.
    • Timed edition (One month).
    • Certificate of authenticity.
    • Stamped embossing.
    • Bonus: one random order will contain an original pencil sketch by Ɖɵminus!

    Estimated to ship in June 2021. The print will ship rolled unframed in a sturdy tube.

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    Awesome work as always Dominus. So, thats the castle of the future, heh, I'll take my tenement any day of the week.
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    Preordered! Great job, Dominus!

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    Even Emil Pagliarulo preordered one Congrats on that one Andi.

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    Haha, thank you so much guys, I'm really glad I have your support! <3

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    ordered mine , missed the t-shirt you did , defo not missing out on this

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    All that blue-green makes it look more like Rapture.

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    Nice image-gives me a Dishonored vibe!

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    Considering the nostalgia I have for the Thief II demo, I'd be a fool to pass up on this masterpiece. Preordered!

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    hey dominus is this your page

    if so very nice job,just not sure why you never linked it since they come on metal

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