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Thread: Shipping and Receiving door codes

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    Shipping and Receiving door codes

    I have been able to get several large green doors open but I don't know how to get the orange doors in the interior of the building open, that is the ones that are not near green doors.

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    Ahh, the orange doors I'll put my response in spoiler tags...

    They fooled me for a while when I first played. They need to be unlocked from the inside, actually. Hopefully you've found a way in. If not, keep exploring If you've made it inside, off to the left or right of each of those orange doors, on the wall, is an unlocking mechanism box. They can be a little hard to spot or notice. You might need to find a key or keys to unlock those little boxes, but maybe lock-picks would work? Hopefully you have the ambient music slider up a bit for this mission, as the music for this mission is great Same goes for all missions,actually EDIT: Hmm, since you registered in 2002 you must have played these before and know about the music already. My apologies!

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    Thanks! I will do some exploring now that I know what to do. I did find one of the doors with a lock to the side and have a key that will unlock it. Thanks for the tip on the music as well It has been nearly twenty years since I played the game and I don't remember much of it. In fact, it is like a new game to me.

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    Oh, that's awesome! Good luck! And one more thing regarding orange doors...
    You should be able to eventually find keys, like an orange-colored "Building A Key" that would unlock those doors from the inside

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