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Thread: Anyone has a pet here?

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    Aren't we all Mr. Duck's pets? Well, the fortunate ones at least....

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    Fizzgig couldn't hold anything down. No matter what he ate it came back up. I struggled with feeding him a few days and took him to the vet. He had been losing weight lately. I feared he had been poisoned. X rays revealed he had a mass in his chest and it was pressing down on his esophagus. A large tumor. They ran a scope down him but had trouble getting past the mass. It was too big and widespread to be operable. I kept saying I would feed him by tube. She kept showing me the X ray and telling me it wasn't possible. Nothing would get past the esophagus. It was cancer anyway.

    I went to his cage and talked to him as I petted him. I put some cat food on my finger and he gamely licked it off. He was so hungry but nothing was getting through. He threw up that tiny bit and a slimy viscous fluid, precious fluid he could not afford to lose. I looked at the other wet spots on the news paper that covered the floor of the cage. I so wanted to hope. He was my buddy. As I stroked him despairingly he came and put his head against my belly. I knew. He would die of thirst or hunger while I tried to hold on to him.

    I kept petting him and talking to him as I brought him to the cold steel table. He trusted me and I was betraying that trust. They gave him the first shot and he was zonked. I kept petting him. I wanted him to know I was there. I wanted him to feel it was all going to be okay. It wasn't. They gave him the second shot and the assistant listened to his heart with a stethoscope. It was over. I drew a shuddering breath and spoke of the times he had warmed my lap. I wondered briefly what they thought of this old guy tearing up over a cat and decided I didn't care. They both agreed he was a beautiful cat. He was.

    I took him home and buried him next to Walter, a Maine Coon who looked a lot like him, and had an equal place in my heart. I don't want another cat for a long while now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tocky View Post
    He trusted me and I was betraying that trust.
    No, you didn't betray him. You helped him get better in the only way possible.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tocky View Post
    I wanted him to feel it was all going to be okay. It wasn't.
    He went peacefully as possible with the care provided in your presence. It's never an easy decision, even when it's the only one.

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    Thanks guys. In my head I know that but it's not the way it feels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tocky View Post
    Thanks guys. In my head I know that but it's not the way it feels.
    You can't control your emotions, but getting outside confirmation of what you know to be true can help the healing process.

    Also, my 9 1/2 months old kitty (Ronja):

    Her mother was a wild cat who was pregnant (with 3 kittens) when she was brought to the local shelter. I first met Ronja about a week or so before the shelter would let her be seperated from her mother and was instantly smitten by the playful bundle of energy. I would also happily have given her siblings a home instead of her (if she had been reserved), but she was luckily available for adoption.

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    Tocky you didn't betray his trust, you did what you could, I know exactly how you feel, I lost my beloved Bearded collie cross very sudden 8 years ago this year, she was having trouble eating, after about ten mins it would come back up and I was told after tests is was lymph cancer, I lost her in a few days, I had to take her to the vet and let go, hardest thing I've ever done as she meant a lot to me but she couldn't eat or drink.
    It was harder to do that than for me to make the choices I had years earlier and go in for major surgery on my feet, I didn't want to do it, and I'd give anything to have her back but there wasn't a choice, I could've tried chemo but it was a low chance and alot to put her through for maybe a few months, you like me did what you could, your trust wasn't betrayed.

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    Get another cat quickly Tocky, cats and dogs need people like you.

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