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Thread: Help with loading T1

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    Help with loading T1

    I have an itch to replay Thief 1 after many years (I would prefer The Dark Project but Gold will have to suffice) but when in AngelLoader I click on 'Play original game' for some reason it opens the mission Short Sewer that I don't even remember playing, I have played many T1 fan missions after that. I clicked 'Uninstall FM' but it still opens Short Sewer. Whereas when I click to play the original T2 it loads properly. When I go to T1 installation folder and run the T1 exe it still opens Short Sewer. I guess I have to do something in a ini or config file?

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    Sounds like you were using DarkLoader before and left an FM installed with it. If so, go back to DarkLoader and install the "Original (Thief: The Dark Project)" with it, or better yet make a clean install of Thief Gold + TFix if you can.

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    Yes! That worked. Thank you FenPhoenix, you're a lifesaver

    It will be a blast replaying T1 with a controller.

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