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Thread: Garrett's Jacked Up Hand

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    Garrett's Jacked Up Hand

    So I was playing Thief 2 lately and noticed something that wasn't there before.
    In my current version of the game, installed from GOG and patched with the latest version of T2Fix, Garrett's hands are messed up. There's holes and invisible textures where there never were before. Has anybody else noticed this?

    It's most notable when you hold the blackjack or sword to block. There's a bit of his thumb missing. Also the hilt on his sword is the same texture as the bracers/gauntlet/whatever they are on his arm. I know it wasn't like this before. I cued up "The Unwelcome Guest" demo to see if my brain was just broken and its always been like that. No. Looks fine there. And I remember having a different issue ages ago where his hilt was the wrong color and I didn't notice any holes in his hands.

    This is a minor thing, I know... but its going to bug me until I figure it out.

    Im about to reinstall and use TFix 2 1.27a instead of 1.27e to see if there's a difference.

    Okay. So I installed the GOG version of the game, and the bug is there. I then patched with T2Fix 1.27a and the bug went away. I then installed T2Fix_1.27e_with_mods and it came back again. I thought the only difference between those 2 versions was Fan Mission patches, but there must be something else. Speaking of, those are the only mods I installed. No updated textures or objects or anything like that.

    UPDATE 2:
    Figured out what was different. T2Fix 1.27a installed Thief 2 Fixed by default, but 1.27e doesn't. Derp.
    Still, don't remember this bug ever occurring before, but maybe that mod has been active longer and more often than I remember. Ignore my ramblings.
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    did his hand look a bit like the hand of glory? if you dont know garrett is a chuck of tofu so he really don't even have arms or legs ,that is why in thief 1/g/2 he moved so amazing,but in thief 3 when they gave him a body he was like omg how do i move in this thing,bad hips from the start of thief 3 deadly shadows what made the shadows so deadly was the crippled movement of garrett,i see the shadow once and it was almost to much to handle so i droped all specs to lowest and it was gone

    ^only read to be spoiled

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    I guess "Hips don't lie"!

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