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Thread: Random thoughts...

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    If they were going to do that, they should've released it in 2015.

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    Back to the future just would not be the same without Michael J. Fox. My wife and I have a standing agreement to sing the theme song for Family Ties if we ever see him at the airport or something. We sang it every time the show came on that first year of marriage. "Oh I bet we've been together for a million years...". I can't imagine anyone filling his shoes in the role of Marty.

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    I personally find "a day of burning" a bit strange (hopefully it was just photos and you're not married to a serial arsonist!). I can understand the motivation as a symbolic gesture but trying to get rid of old photos won't change your memories, who you were and who you are now.
    Rest assured it isn't some pagan ritual. Not that I would be adverse to a little dancing naked round a fire. I am overly sentimental though. I save things, letters, pictures, pubic hair in a tiny bottle, little things given to me. It was a day of letting go.

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    ...One of those is not like the others...

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    “Pubic hair in a tiny bottle” Why?😳

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    He already answered that. Overly sentimental, remember? Me, I've kept a few more conventional things. Letters. Tchotchkes. Dragons on a chain gifted me.

    The photos a certain someone and I took got given back though, after I penned a few lines on the other side as a token of my feelings. It was only fitting I'd never see them or the other person again. They're like that, photos. They either fade away, or burn.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Medlar View Post
    “Pubic hair in a tiny bottle” Why?��
    Heh. I wondered would anyone catch that. It was part of a bawdy joke when asked what I wanted for my birthday. I actually got rid of it the week we broke up. Same as with naked pictures, it's not right to keep, unless you are going to perform a voodoo ritual. I did keep just one letter and just one safe photo of them for sentiments sake. Sulphur is right though. Ben Folds has a great song about that called "Smoke".

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