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Thread: What are you gonna watch?

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    Quote Originally Posted by icemann View Post
    Very little in the way of jump scares, more just creepy (no pun intended) weirdness. Just cause it's found footage, don't be thinking it's ghosts or whatever as nope not at all.
    You need to clarify that Creep isn't creepy in the usual "oh geez, what's around the corner...EW BUGS" kind of way. It's creepy in the way that you're sitting next to someone on the bus who seems a tiny bit weird, but eventually a conversation gets struck up during the long trip, and things seem pretty alright up until he leans forward, smiles a big shit eating grin, and tells you that you smell like his sisters panties is creepy. I've long since become used to the usual jump scares and gore horror tropes, so it was pretty cool watching something that actually disturbed me a bit again. It's weird how someone who acts just off enough, seemingly benign, but somehow wrong can creep you out more than The Exorcist. Like a smile held for two seconds too long can give you the heebie jeebies worse than the best jump scare put to film.

    I still need to watch the 2nd one.
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    Even though I was so-so on the new Creed VR game, I am looking forward to the new movie.

    When I heard the plot was going to be the son of Apollo Creed taking on the son of Ivan Drago I was worried this series was going to take the same path the Rocky movies did, of starting out strong, then getting increasingly silly. But the trailer looks pretty great actually. Cautiously optimistic about this one.

    Awww yeah. I'm always onboard for a Ferrell/Reilly team-up, and I love how they're doing this as stupidly as you might imagine.

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    The next Lego movie has a good subtitle and a good trailer and I'll probably watch it when it comes to Netflix or something.

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    The next Avengers movie has a kind of lame subtitle and a kind of lame trailer, but who am I kidding, I'm going to see it in the theatre anyway.

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    This looks tense.

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