I'm trying to get into Thief DS; I always somehow bounced off of this game, but decided to give it another try. I've just started, but I already have questions and problems:
1. Taskbar flashes for ~1 second every single time on loading screen. Any way to fix it? It's annoying and kind of breaks the immersion.
2. I was playing the game for maybe more than an hour, and it already crashed twice --> https://imgur.com/a/0Uht12K ; any way to fix that?
3. Please tell me, that there is some HD texture pack or texture detail option that I missed. I mean, I know that it's an old game, but really, what the hell is this? --> http://www.mediafire.com/view/8pesaf.../bbb.png/file; floating lamp aside, this texture may actually look worse than vanilla Thief. Yes, graphics aren't the most important thing for me (I've just finished original Blood again couple of days ago) but this looks really bad in this game, maybe because it stands in such a contrast with honestly really good lightning effects.
4. Is there some mod, that makes leaning faster / more responsive / actually usable? I used it all the time in previous games, but here it seems just so clunky and slow, that I rarely bother with it.
5. This one is a bit hard to describe, but every once in a while, I start moving too fast, there is no foot sound, and I can't jump the whole thing feels like some sort of spectator mode in online game; re-loading a save helps. Anybody encountered this issue, is there a fix for that?
6. What difficulty level would you recommend, for somebody that finished T1 and T2 multiple times (just original games, no FMs, also no TDM)? I played this first large mission on 3/4 difficulty and the game seems extremely easy so far. I mean I started with 20+ water arrows which is more than enough, guards seem blind at times (even if I'm not fully invisible). Some of the mechanics doesn't seem to work properly, for example when you water the torch right in front of the guard, he just walks casually into this dark place just waiting for easy takedown (instead of trying to search the place or taking any sort of aggressive stance); I also noticed that I can pretty much blackjack the guard without even having to crouch (and more importantly I can run very close to him before that). Does the game gets harder later on?

For the record: I'm playing with SneakyUpgrade 1.1.10, and didn't try without it, cause I kind of assumed, that it is as necessary as TFix/T2Fix in previous games.