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Thread: Thanks! Finished T2 20 years later

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    Thanks! Finished T2 20 years later

    Greetings -

    Just wanted to say thanks to all of you who have created walkthroughs, improved the game with patches, answered questions on the forum, etc etc.

    20+ years ago I bough T2, and loved it, but kids came along, and I didn't have time to finish it. My last one is off to college, so I resurrected an old PC, installed the game and patches, and set out to explore the city.

    The resources created by this community are amazing. I have to say, in Soulforge I was more of a tourist than a thief. I leaned heavily on the walkthrough. But I have finally finished the game, and it was an enjoyable ride.

    I look forward to some fan mission and Thief 3.


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    you are in for a real treat as fan missions are the best thing ever for thief 1/g/2

    good luck and have fun

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    Ooooh, a newbie! Welcome to the insane asylum!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyFoxx View Post
    Ooooh, a newbie! Welcome to the insane asylum!
    Asylum, yeah... After a break of 10 years, I tried to play the fm mission again and only one small question matured for me :
    In the name of Builder, someone !Please! help me find walkthroughs for the 2017-2020 missions. I can't see any Ricebug walkthroughs after 2016... (sorry for the incontinence)

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    Ricebug retired in 2017 so there are only 60% of 2017 of his walks available for that year, in the meantime I've taken up his mantle and am slowly making walks for his missing FM's as well as making lootlists for the all of his walks that do not contain one, which is most of them.

    His walks and my work up to now is available here.

    Once I have caught up and finished all the missing lootlists and walks I intended to package everything up into individual zips and release a complete 20217 package, with 2018-2020 walks becoming ready sometime next year.

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    Btw, you didn't had to use an old pc. With the current patches the game works perfectly on Win10 with the most recent hardware. I've been playing it fine on a huge 4k display, with a proper fov, and 5.1 sound.

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