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Thread: Asia Pacific Big Boxes

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    Asia Pacific Big Boxes

    Hi I'm from Australia and I would like to get hold of the original trapezoidal big boxes, do you know if they were on shelves in Aus or will I have to import them? I think in some parts of the world, they just came in rectangular boxes?

    Also, just on the off chance someone might know; where was Deus Ex released in the shiny gatefold box?

    Thanks all

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    i got mine in america "comp usa" store's they out of buisness now

    but check this out

    notice the first set of words in bold in artical the mystery of those words makes me wonder

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    I got my Thief Gold game in a trapezoidal box via eBay about 10 years ago for $5 or $10 USD. Maybe you could get lucky and find there, or other online auction type of website? (Prior to that, I just had a more basic version of the game box for Thief: TDP.)

    If you ever make it to Dallas, TX and this "Computer Reset" place still exists, maybe you could find copies there This place looks crazy! Look at all the vintage electronics stuff everywhere! Jump to 13min 39sec to get to the good part. And you could scrub from there to see room after room after room (literally) of vintage electronics piled up (including games here and there)...

    Granted, this video was released July 2019 and maybe it has been picked apart big-time since then.

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