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Thread: Thief TV Series

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    Thief TV Series

    Let us imagine TV series inspired by Thief: The Dark Project and Thief 2: The Metal Age. I know, this is never going to happen. Yet nothing stops us from imagining Garrett's adventures depicted in a cimetographic form.

    The series should definitely involve a little bit more action, but this should be done in an intelligent and creative manner. Additional characters and small to medium changes in the original plot can be introduced for the sake of making the series more entertaining. Very few romance scenes, preferably none involving Garrett, unless we want to spice up the encounter between Garrett and Viktoria (but this has to be subtle). I'd like to see more Keeper, Pagan, and Hammerite lore.

    Below is my vision of how episodes should be arranged.

    SEASON I: The Dark Project

    Episode 1 (Pilot) - covering Garrett's youth, his training with the Keepers, and breaking into Lord Bafford's Manor.
    Episode 2 - Cutty is arrested, we learn more about Hammerites while Garrett is sneaking into Cragscleft Prison, background information about Basso.
    Episode 3 - Garrett's venture into Bonehoard with simultaneous flashbacks to Felix's expedition.
    Episode 4 - first part of the episode gives a glimpse into Garrett's daily life (apartment tour, his habits, and perhaps what he does in his free time), then Assasins.
    Episode 5 - if we want to have Thieves' Guild, more background information about criminal life in the City would be needed.
    Episode 6 - meeting with Victoria, The Sword, first meeting with Constantine.
    Episode 7 - I would skip the entire Haunted Cathedral and jump straight to The Mage Towers.
    Episode 8 - The Lost City, skipping the opera mission.
    Episode 9 - Undercover, background plot about Hammerites.
    Episode 10 - Return to the Haunted Cathedral, the infamous meeting with Constantine and cliffhanger ending.
    Episode 11 - Escape + Strange Bedfellows.
    Episode 12 - Maw (alternatively, a longer, two-hour episode covering the previous levels and Maw).

    SEASON II: The Metal Age

    Episode 1 (Pilot) - what has changed in the City + jumping straight to Shipping & Receiving.
    Episode 2 - Framed, cliffhanger ending with Garrett being ambushed by the City Watch.
    Episode 3 - escaping from the ambush, a meeting with the Keepers.
    Episode 4 - shortened Eavesdropping and full-length Bank.
    Episode 5 - shortened Blackmail and Trace the Courier, full-length Trail of Blood.
    Episode 6 - Life of the Party, the highlight of the series.
    Episode 7 - Precious Cargo + Kidnap.
    Episode 8 - something to fill the space before the museum heist, maybe a mission from the unfinished Thief 2 Gold project?
    Episode 9 - Masks.
    Episode 10 - Soulforge, definitely needs some major changes to the plot and execution.

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    very nice idea,but i think a whole episode can be done on opera mission,with guy who got kicked out in caves the lady who now sings solo,a small love interest in garrett and lady who sings,alot of the guest can be interduced as charecters

    also i feel escape should be stand alone show as its my fav mission over all

    but i feel a book would be best suited for the game lore/levels as it can have alot more detail and back story even a flash back garrett as a kid and who his parents were and why he became homeless in the city

    also back story on how keepers were formed/hammers were formed,as we know how mechs came to be

    3 books in all for thief 1/g, thief 2 and thief 3 heavy on the hag storyline,a three book series

    and i am so hardcore i feel books on fan mission lore that fit into the thief universe would be great lady rowena's seven sisters,etc

    and yes a entire chapter on dewdrop how he was created and another chapter on lily storyline before they were killed about her family how she got dewdrop probaly from her grandma/etc

    a great chapter can be on burrick = a comedy type of chapter

    over all you did a great job and i would forsure watch it

    but add season 3 from thief 3 please,,the cradle episode would be the scary one :P

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    Very interesting idea, but I think execution really is lacking. Thief is about atmosphere and I think TV Series should also be about it. Yes, there should be action, but it should have introduction to mission. Also it should show Garrett's skills in detecting traps, picklocking, sneaking around and quietly moving around, etc. It should be shown his reaction to the new environment. What I see in your thread is just super short version and it feels rather bland. You didn't explain how long you want to have episodes. I'm guessing 30 min. I really have no idea how you want to put one whole mission into just 1 episode. Hell, I have no idea Precious Cargo and Kidnap into 1 episode.

    For me most of the mission could be worth of few episodes. Maybe except Tracing the Courier and Eavesdropping, because there isn't too much going on in these missions. Also I have no idea why do you ignore Casing the Joint. You may not like it as a mission in game, but it has huge potential in TV Series. Motive with reconnaissance appeared in many movies and TV Series. It elevated the proper stealing part - Masks to be really worth watching. In other words just because some mission feels less fun or unimportant doesn't mean that it will be the same when watching this as a movie.

    As for pilot it would be better to have only Lord Bafford Manor. Garrett's history with Keepers could appear later when Keepers are mentioned the first time. For example in Haunted Cathedral after speaking with Eye or after getting free by Keepers in Escape mission. Short episodes from Garrett's past should appear sometimes in later episodes, but I don't think it's a good idea to bring it too quickly in 1st episode.
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    I'd keep Haunted Cathedral, but find a way to merge it with RTC. Definitely keeping the Opera House as well.

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    I would LOVE to watch thief's TV series or movie!
    But... I would be willing to kill myself if it sucks. It has to be really awesome.
    EVERY game-inspired movie I've seen left a lot to be desired.
    I think it is something that has to be done very VERY wisely

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