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Thread: Thief Gold Iron Man video series

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    Thief Gold Iron Man video series

    In case anyone is interested and doesn't frequent the Fan mission forum, I'm doing a Let's Play series where I play Thief Gold on Expert using Iron Man rules (not allowed to save mid-mission). I'm up to part three so far:

    I'm aiming to get one mission per week uploaded. Enjoy!

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    Not allowed to save mid mission? You are a courageous man!

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    Iron Manning is great, Great sense of satisfaction when you finally crack a difficult level. When I IMed TG I think Escape was hardest. The only one that had me doubting whether I would be able to do this. Others were hard but I always had the feeling that I would complete them sooner or later. But not with Escape.

    Remember that first success. Got made by the bugbeast near the bar, and just panic ran past the enemies to the ladder. Was sure I would get nailed by the bugbeast below it but somehow made it up. What a sense of relief when I dropped through the exit

    Well anyway, good luck with your IMing

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    Here's the next three missions:

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