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Thread: Played Thief for years before discovering...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanctus Germanus View Post
    Water arrows can wash away blood stains. Holy crap.
    Cool. I did not know this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by marbleman View Post
    I've only recently found out that guards alert to stray arrows.
    What?? Really?? Man u gotta be hella aware of anything in this game, but i think its not a big deal because i usually use blackjack.

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    Just yesterday I discovered that game prevents you from using holy water if you don't have any water arrows. You can use it all the time and it leaves only sound effect, but it's not being wasted. There is no holy water effect activated either. I grabbed 1 water arrow after using holy water in case I would have some infinite number of holy water. But no, game is too smart for that.

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