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Thread: BEST OF 2018

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    BEST OF 2018

    This is the thread for ALL THE BESTS, except videogame bests because we have another thread for those. Movies, Music, TV, Books, Life Experiences (pfffft!), whatever you wanna sing the praises of.

    I think the only 2018 TV Shows I watched were seasons 3 of Love and Daredevil so I don't really have anything to say about TV this year. Movies tho,

    Top 10 Movies

    10. Game Night
    Just watched this a couple nights ago and it was a really well-thought out comedy. Things are set up and pay off in satisfying ways, it's not all improvved goofing-around, and it even really well filmed.

    9. Mission Impossible: Fallout
    I liked this but not as much as most people did I think.

    8. Us And Them
    Movie about a Chinese couple who become friends, then lovers, then break up, and then meet again 10 years later. A lovely, warm movie.

    7. Shirkers
    Documentary about indie filmmakers in Singapore who make a movie but then their American producer runs off with the film and disappears once it's done. They spend the next 20 years wondering "wtf was that all about?"

    6. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri
    This was good, and I don't have anything else to say about it.

    5. The Ballad of Buster Scruggs
    The Tom Waits and Zoe Kazan segments were best.

    4. Avengers: Infinity War
    FOURTH BEST MOVIE, REALLY? Yes. I rewatched this recently and decided that yeah, it really was that good.

    3. Annihilation
    The best sci-fi movie I've seen in a long while.

    2. A Star Is Born
    This is probably gonna win an Oscar or two, and well deserved, I say! Such great performances, great music, great story.

    1. The Florida Project
    I've watched this 3 times now and it still delights and devastates me.

    Top 5 Songs:
    "Yooouuu" by Shitkid
    "About You" by G Flip
    "Night Time" by Superorganism
    "Pristine" by Snail Mail
    "The Wave" by Lion Babe & Leikeli47

    Favourite album:
    "The Prodigal Son" by Ry Cooder

    Fave (newly-discovered) Podcasts:
    Chapo Trap House
    Cocaine & Rhinestones
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    Best movies:

    1. Avengers - Infinity War

    2. A Quiet Place

    3. Creed 2

    4. Han Solo - A Star Wars Story

    5. Ant Man and the Wasp

    6. Black Panther

    Only 6 as I did not watch a huge amount of 2018 movies this year.

    Top 5 Music (2018 releases):

    1. Sober - Childish Gambino

    2. Rock Star - Post Malone

    3. New Light - John Mayer

    4. All the Stars - Kendrick Lamar

    5. The Real You - Dead Letter Circus

    Top 5 Music Discoveries / Re-Discoveries that weren't from 2018 (Spotify discoveries mostly):

    1. Can You Feel It (Vocal Version) - Mr Fingers - Awesome DnB track. A often listened to track as I played through Ni No Kuni 2 recently.

    2. Steppin Out - Joe Jackson. I LOVE this song. I'd just completely forgotten the name of it, and rediscovered it via radio wake up a month ago. Best wake up music experience. Waking up and singing along. Good times.

    3. Riverman - Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

    4. Talking in Your Sleep - The Romantics. So 80s this track. Has that 80s vibe to it.

    5. Johnny Cage (Prepare Yourself) - The Immortals (From the Mortal Kombat album, and not the movie one). I'd never even heard of this album, until I was made aware thanks to a James Rolfe movie review video in which the album was mentioned, then went and looked it up. Early 90s techno at it's finest. A heap of kickass tunes if your into 90s techno.

    Favorite Youtube Channel for 2018:

    The 8-Bit Guy - He did some damn fine videos this year of repairs of super old computers, and delved into a Kickstarter project which is very Dune 2-like. A one of a kind Youtube channel.

    Best Youtube Video For 2018

    The History of Tetris - The Gaming Historian - Quite a long video (goes for 2 hours I think), that delves into the history of Tetris. Really fascinating stuff into the making and release of a hit game in Russia and how the government handled much of it (considering that Alexi was working in a government research department when he made the game).

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    Speaking of Tetris: (16 Y/O UNDERDOG vs. 7-TIME CHAMP - Classic Tetris World Championship 2018 Final Round)

    That was hypnotic and amazing. Even though the day before i saw the video i could not care less about Tetris.

    Vocabulary: (The Classic Tetris World Championships Explained)

    Which neatly explains what is going on in a Tetris game. Probably should watch before the Champ video. And no, you likely do not know what is going on in a Tetris game.

    To illustrate the the difficulty of the plays:

    ... shows what will happen when the top players (the new Champ included) will try to play the game without the next pice window - in some sense leveling the playing field with players like you and me (statistically speaking).

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    I'm not seeing a best of list from you zombe. Come on. Fess up.

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