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Thread: Amusing spam

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    Amusing spam

    Anyway, I just got this rather amusing spam, and given the subject matter and recent topics of discussion, I thought some of you might get a kick out of it. I particularly enjoy the recurring references to "the Entity".

    (Viral marketing? :P)

    From Mon Aug 13 21:15:29 2001
    Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2001 20:49:39 -0400 (EDT)
    From: dARIUS qUAN
    Subject: your thoughts are not your own

    No Need for Removal - This is a ONE-TIME mailing

    Later this year - prophecy will hold true.
    For it is written in the eye in the pyramid...

    The Entity does not want to be caught out!
    In fact right now, the Entity is doing everything in its power to get you to discredit this email communication. The Entity is a Foreign Installation that sits inside your consciousness and lies to you and dis-empowers you, robbing you of your essence, and aims to weaken you and bring you into pain and suffering.

    For it is written in the eye in the pyramid... All of the wars of this earth - aimed at population control - are the result of the Entity, that which we call "The Flyer", the shapeless black amorphous mass that no one can see unless you practice mind-cleansing discipline. Silence. Focus. Concentration. Listening to your intuition and shutting out the noise around you. The frustration for (and indeed the eventual exorcism of) the Entity is in the "Not Doing".

    There is more power in silence than you know. There is liberation. In the "doing of nothing", the Entity begins to go away, it is no longer fun to be on your back, to hold you as its prisoner. You will then begin to shake off this parasitic monkey on your back. The Entity consumes off your negative energy - it's aim is to destroy you, bring pain and destruction to you, and ultimately destruction, robbing the Creator of your experiences, and then the Entity moves on to continue its trail of detritus and destruction...

    The Universe (God) has brought you here because God wishes to accumulate the experiences of your journey here. You are one of a trillion trillion beings throughout all the multi-verses, and but a nerve ending in all that is Creation. In the same way that the Human Body is a miracle to us, but nothing more than a sensory nerve centre, and a recording device to take back with it all it's experiences on this remote world.

    For it is written in the eye in the pyramid... We imprison our livestock and farm animals for food and sustenance; are you aware that we are being farmed ourselves? According to a most Secret Report, it is the plan of the Flyer-controlled Governments of the world to continue to keep our foodstuffs unclean, containing more chemicals than are made publishable, the water filtration process still composed of "gray brain-matter destroying" lead and flouride.

    There has been a cure for the common cold for over 80 years - one of the better known daily remedies of royalty passed on to them by the benevolent Grays and sorcerers being the consumption of silver; but authorities have pushed up the price of silver to the extent that it is impossible for you to maintain its dosage requirement. Certain medicine is not made known to you, and is kept out of the pharmacy - it is there, but it's price is high, and only we who have reached deeply within ourselves and discovered our true power, can afford to pay for it. Gold is like silver, and silver is like health. Manifest it as you need it. Let not the Foreign Installation confuse your power. It makes you afraid, so that what you think is your weakness you fear is actually its own fear of the strength that you really have. You are truly more powerful than you can possibly imagine. But you must learn to re-wire your mind. You must break the comforting patterns and habitual routines, for in these The Entity makes you believe there is safety; so that your growth is stymied and the true extent of your mind is never known to you - forever trapping you into a platitude of mundane repetition. If only you realised how whatever you wish can be yours - dream it in silence and in meditation and it shall come to you.

    For it is written in the eye in the pyramid... The Entity lies to you - trust not your inner voice, trust your more tranquil inner intuition; the quietness that leads you to discover. Meet all whose eyes you make contact with, for with them lies a connection to you; in all that is said you begin to get closer to the truth. The consciousness of mankind is becoming ready to know.

    Your oxygen supply is being thinned yearly, so that only the bare minimum will be made available to you. Even for your oxygen you will pay. Are you so sure you now what is behind the Ozone depletion report? They keep you weak, and divided because a united mankind can destroy The Entity that is the Flyer - with your thoughts alone. As the walls of Jericho were brought down by thought and the sound of trumpets, so the Torah tells us. Through the instruments of government and churches, your scriptural texts have been edited. Your Baghavadgita, Bible and Koran are but shadows of what they once were.

    For it is written in the eye in the pyramid... Your scriptural edits rob you of the knowledge of prayer. They keep you scared and running around trying to earn money. This takes your minds off discovering true inner power - and there is so much of it. The Entity sits on your consciousness and controls everything you do, see and "think" you believe.

    The Entity allows you only the smallest amount of lifeforce, envelopes all of your energy, drags you down, absorbs your life-strength, so that only the most minimum lifeforce near your ankles is kept free - giving you just enough connection with mother earth to survive. To kill you completely is fruitless for the Entity, it wants to see how much fun it can have with you first. So you will find the Entity in all your bars and wherever there is drink, and fast cars and fast women. There you find The Entity.

    These are the facts: The world is at war. Humanity is at war with a secret enemy - secret only because only a small part of the population knows about it - others discredit it and even others deem this to be trash, nay, the utterances of a crazy man. If you are ready to listen, then do so now. The Reptilians are at war. The US State Government holds mankind's contact and encounter with the Alien Entity at the highest degree of secrecy. The Entity has a greater degree of power and control than you realise.

    For it is written in the eye in the pyramid... The thoughts you hold - your inner voice is not your own. The only mind you really have is your intuition. Your intuition does not waiver - it is firm and grasps clearly. Your thoughts smash you up because they are not your thoughts. The indecision, the misdirected thinking is not you thinking. The Entity has taken over everyone by agreement. Ever since you were very young you unknowingly allowed the Entity to enter you and take over by the agreement you made with it. The Bible says that whenever two people meet and agree on something, then it is so... well, it is so. This is one of the truer statements made. We have all made agreements with this Entity. Through prayer. By listening and believing it to be our inner voice.

    The Entity resides within 98% of humanity. Have you exorcised your demon?
    Alcohol, speed-cars and the Entity are not a good combination.

    The Entity does not care for you. The Entity is in it for what it can get out of you. The Entity is the other voice in your head - which confuses you, which brings you hardship and pain. The Entity lives off the negative energy you emit. The Entity enjoys bringing you pain - once it has destroyed you it leaves you... and goes onto another human host. The Entity is like a Kid that steals the car. The kid can not wait to act recklessly and race round the block - even if it means that he smashes the new car - usually this sort of kid is Entity-possessed and has not been Entity-cleared.

    Please be aware of your Entity and sit in silence; and do nothing - it will drive the Entity away. Yes, Do nothing. Do things that bring you no reward. Speak to plants in the desert. Speak without sense.

    Question this - if what I am writing is correct, and you have read this entire communication - and you feel it to be true, act upon it and keep the consciousness awake, that you have the power inside you, in the silence, in the doing of nothing, to find freedom and liberty from the foreign installation.

    Everytime that you look at the US Treasury dollar bills, see the eye in the pyramid and follow the signs that direct you to the clues. It is in the eye in the pyramid that you will come even closer to understanding the extent of the lie that is being told to you...

    If I am right you will have begun to conquer this elusive parasite within you.

    Darius Quan
    Portal Holder
    Vietnam, 19 September 2003

    ... deadening the flow of relentless biography ...

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    It is a weak rival.


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    Why can't I get spam like that for a change instead of those damn stupid MAKE $$$$$$$ WHILE SITTING ON YOUR A$$ messages?

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    Originally posted by Graeme:
    Alcohol, speed-cars and the Entity are not a good combination.

    Well, he convinced me...

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    Although I would have though that "Alcohol,speed-cars are not a good combination" would be enough for any sane person. Sod the Entity bit, drinked driving is enough to get you killed...

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