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Thread: What designates something to work as a BloodType?

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    What designates something to work as a BloodType?

    Is there something that designated an object or SFX to work as a BloodType? (Game-->Dark-->BloodType)

    I wanted to change the sawdust BloodType to my breaking board object (now glass breaking) to falling dust. I nicked the SFX settings from another FM and made a SFX object, and placing in the world works. Dust falls etc. But when I used it in the BloodType it never shows up when I damage window. Am I missing something? I did FrogSplash and yes, when I break glass it spews the frog guts.

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    I suppose it should be due to your SFX properties.
    Can you tell us more about the settings you choose for the "falling dust"?

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    I was wondering if there wasn't a tell-tell thing about bloodtype. Like you have to have a launch box that's small, or you have to have the particle count limited to ____. Known-knowns in the community to save me time. I'm constantly slogging through trial and error. I will play with random settings within the particle launch and report my findings. Thanks for responding FM!

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    Hrm.. It appears it needs some physics; Controls, and Type, or it won't be blood. Interesting. It works now, little white slow falling dust. Very fun. I added a water stem as if the air from outside put out the torch, but then suddenly the visual disappeared. No matter I'm not going to use it after all. I'll figure out a whole script to get that done. Thanks!

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    As far as I know the BloodType should match the name of your blood type specified in the object hierarchy. The timing on the Delete State properties used on Blood Type are usually pretty short. If you want them to be visible longer try changing this value to something longer.

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