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Thread: Thief: TIDS - Volume One: Order of the Vine - Playing Feb 8th - Feb 22nd

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    Thief: TIDS - Volume One: Order of the Vine - Playing Feb 8th - Feb 22nd

    You'll find the Thief TIDS explanation (what the group is and what we do) along with all the past volumes here:

    Welcome everyone to the second edition of Thief: Together In Shadows (known as Thief: Together in Dark Shadows - where we playthrough a mission together and share our thoughts, experiences and general discussion about the mission at hand. Please let us know what you enjoyed about the misson, what you didn't enjoy, if you successfully ghosted the mission or any other accomplishments you'd like to list.

    To start off and in honor of the recent birthday of the first thief, we will play one of the early FMs of the Thief fandom titled Order of the Vine.

    Together In Dark Shadows Volume One: Order of the Vine - Playing February 8th through February 22nd

    Mission Information:
    Fan mission Name: Order of the Vine
    Author: Conor Armstrong (SilentSleep)
    Originally Released: June 2000
    Build Time: Off/On Dec 1999 to June 2000
    Equipment Store: Yes
    Custom Graphics And Textures: Yes
    Custom Sounds: Yes
    Multi Language Support: No

    The Story:

    "Another night, another job. Someone has been going to a lot of trouble to get my attention. Every fence in the City has told me some guy was asking how he could get in contact with me, so I've decided to find out exactly who my admirer is. I've found the part of town where he's hiding out, now I just have to find him..."

    Note that this FM contains both a prologue mission and an epilogue mission

    Screens: (Images from Dark Fate)

    Mission Download Links:
    The Circle

    Note: If you need help on the mission please check this thread first: - this is a discussion thread about the mission itself, not a bug report or help me thread and you should find what you are looking for.

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    Registered: Jun 2004
    Style: Serial Blackjacker
    Time: 2 hour, 43 minutes, 51 seconds

    Loot: 1025 out of 1125 - (Prologue Expert)
    1989 out of 2089 - (Main Hard)
    Pickpockets: 3 out of 5
    KO: 52
    Kills: 8

    The first mission of this mini-campaign is a simple prologue and while there is more loot to be found than the 1000 gold advance we receive, I was only able to find one such piece. In the main mission, I played as a serial blackjackers, cleansing the entire level of the pesky conscious sort. The kills are mainly spiders. I did never, however, take care of two nasty individuals permanently. My playthrough was slow and methodically, even going so far to place the now unconscious guards and servants into their rooms. The epilogue at the end has story only and no campaign at all.

    Story: This mission is set as a prequel to the appearance of Constantine. Here it is clearly implied that the Trickster is in fact sealed away. The story provides a bit of interesting background into wealthy human pagans in the city, the kind that would support the dramas of the opera house. Most all of them are clearly shown as knowing little at all of what their Order supports, being merely in it for the anti-hammerite attitudes. The mission is quite packed with short readables that clearly demonstrate the society and the attitudes of the pagans at the top.

    Looks and design: The mission is very well built. Textures are well-aligned and clean with complexity in the design and placement. While the building is well-ordered, the layout is still complex with difficult and easy areas due to carpet and marble placement. The rooms, halls, and walls are a little spartan, but far from empty. The

    Atmosphere: The atmosphere is decent, but only goes so far as to push the pagan ascetic as seen in Constantine’s mansion. The building gives a dark yet lavish vibe throughout with the special area provides enough elements to feel mysterious.

    Conclusion: Overall this mission is quite solid and polished with an interesting story and a well-built level both in gameplay and design. For its time, this mission is quite excellent suffering from none of the problems common amongst early missions in terms of awkward or weird missions layouts and simple, unpolished texture work.

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