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Thread: TDP20AC Mission The Burning Bedlam (11/30/2018)

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    Quote Originally Posted by klatremus View Post
    Can you confirm there is only one piece of loot down there?
    Yep! Only one piece once you reach the final room!

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    I started this one not knowing what to expect, and got pleasantly surprised. Thanks Phantom.

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    I think this is a well executed horror mission, especially the treatment room. It was a bit more linear than I would've liked, but the atmosphere and writing were very good. I noticed that there was a secret door in the matron's room, but never found how to open it. Could anyone enlighten me?

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    Check out the bookshelf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McTaffer View Post
    I noticed that there was a secret door in the matron's room, but never found how to open it. Could anyone enlighten me?
    Book-switch at obvious place ;) When it will be enlightened... You know what to do ;)

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    Huh, I searched high and low when I was there initially and never saw it. Thanks!

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    After I recovered the corpse of Araphin, and bunch of undead, a cray beast or two and the lady in green started fighting each other.

    How do I open the sewer drain?

    Edit: I figured it out

    This was a very well done mission. I wish that I could have gone back to find more loot, but either way it was a lot of fun!

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    @Haplo - Great! I'm happy that you enjoyed it!

    @McTaffer - I'm glad you enjoyed the mission. Don't feel bad you aren't the only one who could not locate the secret book! It's a stock resource but doesn't get used too often.

    @john9818a - Thank you! I guess sometimes Garrett just needs to get out without enough coin to cover the rent!

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    Just wanted to chime in and say I quite liked this mission. I'm not normally super big on undead-heavy missions, but the encounters were well designed to not be a pain.

    I dug the Matron bits. That was all well done.

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    Generally not a fan of undead missions, however really enjoyed the sewers and large areas to explore. Played on expert and found 3937/4137 loot in about 2 hours. Never got stuck which is quite a bonus for me.

    I found a wooden stake and put it to good use - 13807 damage - carried it around for the whole mission, not sure if that's what the author intended. Just don't put it down on the lift floor... whoops... a reload needed there!

    Looking forward to part 2.

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    @Kerrle - Thanks! I am kind of the same way, if the undead are so overwhelming it makes the mission frustrating. I'm glad you enjoyed it and almost looted everything!

    @BlackJack16 - YES! I was hoping someone would figure that out! It's meant as an easter egg but you can definitely gain a big advantage by packing it around the whole map! Thanks for playing!

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    Superb mission with elements from Break from Cragscleft Prison, The Haunted Cathedral, Return to the Cathedral and - in once scene - The Lost City). Finished in around 1,5 hours on Normal with a mere 1725 of 4282 total loot. I needed no hints to complete this mission.

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    Oh right, mission ghosted. Almost 2 hours and more than half of loot. I managed to lock almost everything (even last sewer grate) except turning down the power in the mine. I skipped 2 loot chests in the corridor next to 5 levers room, because short patrol of a zombie and no shadow. I managed to take a purse from ventilation shaft in Foundry without destroying wood beneath. For that I dropped box, went to basement, took the box and returned it to the place in the Foundry. I even managed to retrieve rope arrow at the top floor when going to Treatment Room. That was tricky fall with mantling at the end. I managed to ghost lava room by going close to the edge and nudging Matron closer to the rosary.

    Mission has some tricky ghosting parts, but most of the time it's pretty easy. Also it has a lot of noisy floors. There were moments when I needed to switch my hand during going slowly crouching one step at a time. I was really surprised at the end. I really didn't thought that undeads will attack Matron and her craymen.

    I also liked the story. Araphin killing so many people and tricking old Hammerite into believing him that he's innocent. That was a good story. Matron secretly seizing the power, but unfortunately stuck in the Asylum. That was also good story. No idea why is there "to be continued" at the end. Story really feels completed. Unless the old man at the end is actually Matron in disguise.

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    Wow...this one was really fun to play. Great story and creepy atmosphere. It took me a little while to get that hang of reading the maps, but after I figured out where I was, it was a wild ride to the end.

    Thanks Phantom !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
    @BlackJack16 - YES! I was hoping someone would figure that out! It's meant as an easter egg but you can definitely gain a big advantage by packing it around the whole map! Thanks for playing!
    Thanks Phantom. I need to share the laugh, 'cos it happened by accident. I picked it up wondering what it was and why it was there. I got disturb and threw it in disgust, hmmm... interesting, didn't expect that. A re-load to check and then I was on my way... with a huge grin! I couldn't use my blackjack but I had an absolute blast carrying that around and clearing out the whole mission. Also the occasional planning required to keep it with me as I ventured further into the map added to the mission for me - thanks for that design.

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    @Username - Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it and finished without clues!

    @Galaer - Wow you really worked hard to leave no stone unturned. I'm happy to hear that someone successfully ghosted it and that you enjoyed the story. There is definitely more to the story.

    @Relayer2112 - Thank you for playing! I tried to make the interior maps as crude as possible, in hindsight though it would have been helpful to include a compass on those maps since the orientation is different than the mine and sewer map!

    @BlackJack16 - That is very funny how you found out about it's usefulness. By the way there is a use for the blackjack in this mission, though I don't think anyone has found it yet. That is an easter egg as well.

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    Just finished this gem. Gave up on it way too early. My daughter asked me about it and told me she made it to the asylum. Went back and finished it this morning!! What a treat! 10 out of 10!

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    This was excellent, I enjoyed this so much.

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    @HauntHunter - I'm thrilled that you went back and finished the mission. Also happy to hear that your daughter navigated her way to the asylum. I don't know her age but either way passing down your love for TDP is great! Thank you for playing!

    @Ravenus1 - A short and sweet review and I love it! I appreciate you playing my FM.

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    I'm...actually stunned. How am I 18 missions deep into this contest and STILL finding missions that could contend for 1st place? This was incredible Phantom.

    Here's my usual laundry list of spoilery things:

    -The Matron was such a great villain! I like that you never really have a confrontation with her. Even at the end all you can do is run the F away.
    -I always appreciate an undead mission that screws with the player. So often Garrett is breaking into haunted structures, and the worst the forces beyond life and death can do is send some lumbering zombies after him? Booo (that wasn't a ghost pun)! Not here, though. I loved the doors slamming behind me, spaces transforming before my eyes, and things moving around corners just out of sight and then vanishing. I WAS THOROUGHLY SPOOKED.
    -The level design was smart all throughout this one. It felt big, but I was always able to get my bearings. That's mostly because not just every room, but every FLOOR felt unique.
    -The plot twist right at the end has me wanting a sequel bad, homeboy!
    -This isn't exclusive to this mission there any bigger slap in the face than getting broadhead arrows in a 99% undead mission? COOL ABOUT 16 OF THESE SHOULD TAKE OUT ONE HAUNT, NEATO.

    Thanks for releasing this one, it was a joy!

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    @The Mike - Wowza. Thanks so much for the kind words. Reviews like that definitely give me the motivation to keep building. There will be a sequel! I'm thrilled you enjoyed the mission so much!

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    I really enjoyed this one and that even though I generally am not a big fan of undead missions.
    What won me over was the architecture/ layout and also the story.

    I loved how you had the good ol' T1 map that didn't show too much detail but generally does a good job to help you orient yourself.
    Scoured the mines at the beginning and honestly I thought that you were supposed to bring the ancient hammer for the portal to pen. Especially since the rreadable says something along the line of the gate closing again and blocking it open with something. If I hadn't read it here afterwards I would never have identified the readable as the trigger

    I preferred the feeling early on in the mines to the hospital later on - that just felt a little too huge (out of proportion) but then again the Hammerites are't known for their subtlety. I liked the appariotion. But I thought it was there to help me and guide me through the place and was surprised to learn that it was the evil matron and also attacking me for some reason

    My favourite moment was seeing the lone zombie on his little island in the water area.
    And not to mention the 2 WTF moments in the prison and the treatment room

    Simply a wonderful mission.

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    Thank you Meisterdieb! I'm glad you enjoyed the mission.

    Mines: You weren't the only person to lug the ancient hammer over to the gate! In a future update I may tweak the trigger setup for that particular scene.

    Hospital: I have to agree! I like the small enclosed spaces over large open ones as well. The matron was my attempt at a new enemy without using any custom resources, I think she turned out well!

    And that poor little zombie stuck on his island. Maybe I should add an award for bringing him some flesh, poor guy is starving out there!

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    Excellently designed mission with a great story. I feel bad for not finishing this awesome FM before the end of the contest. Reminded me of some of the best survival horror games I've played.

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    @Severian_Silk, Thank you very much! I actually love survival horror, so maybe some of that has affected this mission. It was fun to make and I look forward to working on it's sequel after some of my other projects are finished.

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