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Thread: Only the virtuous can withstand The Builder's Trial by *Fire*

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    Only the virtuous can withstand The Builder's Trial by *Fire*

    Hello guys!

    After more than 15 years I started to use DromEd again. Though most of the problems I could solve with your huge amount of tips I do have a weird problem with my torches.
    I wanted to have a torch with no fire in it. So I deleted some data out of its properties. I don't remember exactly what I deleted.
    But after I did that every new torch has just a white flame. There is no link between the torch, the yellow flame and the particles.
    Even when I clone an existing (and working) torch there is no Link between those. If I create a new torch the same issue happens.

    I tried to link everything manually but when I shoot a water arrow to the flame the linked flame and particles won't go off.
    Now I just want it to work again if I create a new torch.

    I don't know what to do, nor what to search for here in the forum.

    I hope you can help me!

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    It sounds like you've made changes to the torch archetype (negative ID) rather than a specific torch (positive ID). There are links between various archetypes which are used to create the particle effects for each new torch, so deleting them from the archetype will stop them being created for new torches. The same applies to cloning.

    The easiest fix is to use a recent backup. If you've been using a mis file and (custom) gam file, use backup.gam to restore the previous version. If you're using a .cow file, that's the mission and gamesys so restoring that backup may lose some building work. It's up to you if you can live with it. And you may have saved more than once since you made these changes, which would be unfortunate.

    A more involved method is to compare the torch archetype's properties with the same archetype from the original gamesys. The amount of work depends on how much you've deleted. Be aware that torches have a 'TorchBasic' metaproperty which stores the particle links, so you may have to check that too.

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    The easiest way to turn off a torch is to send it a TurnOff when the mission starts. Link a lever in the off position to it and put the lever in a blue room, or give it the Difficulty > Turn On(Off) property and don't select any difficulty levels. Or give it a one-shot water stim. There are probably a dozen others too.

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    Easiest to me is just set the AnimLight first property (Mode) to Zero Brightness. Doesn't that work for all the torches? It makes the basic torch (-2397) start in the Extinguised mode anyway.

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    It depends if you are using T2 or TG.
    Torches in Thief Gold are less easy to tweak than those in Thief 2 !

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