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Thread: Missing archetype now in Dromed

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    Missing archetype now in Dromed

    Just opening Dromed 2 now, with nothing built in it yet, there are around 85 "missing" entries in the Missing archetype in the Object Hierarchy. They are numbered something between -6747 through about -6865.

    Why are there so many missing objects and I haven't even started building anything yet?

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    What is the date/time stamp on your dark.gam file?

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    You are probably using the fixed gamesys from AM16's Thief2 Fixed. It does provide many improvements to the existing archetypes, but it appears the unused missing archetypes were not purged. This is harmless in practice, though feel free to remove them if you are modifying the gamesys for your project.

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    I will check tonight if I don't forget to..

    Most of them seem like T1/G object references, too.

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    Once I unpacked all the DEDX01 resources into their proper places, the Missing archetype is now cleaned up, except for a single entry: a -9016 entry that expands to Object # (-1) and the only property on it is FrobInfo: [None]; [None]; [None]

    Not sure if that's anything to worry about, but now I'm not missing those 80-something entries.

    @Yandros: It's 1/1/2020 7:52PM, and my DromEd version is listed at 1.27

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