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Thread: Thief Dreams/Nightmares

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    Whether that was a true dream our just a story you made up, well done! That was an interesting read. I love the part where you talk about hammer haunts having a tea party! Oh, and of course the karras part!

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    i've had many thief dreams but the only one i remember is the one in which i run around the level 'return to the cathedral',with three hammers following to attack me. it's the most scary level of thief 1 and sometimes i still get scared of the zombies while playing it

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    Quote Originally Posted by sNeaksieGarrett View Post
    Whether that was a true dream our just a story you made up, well done! That was an interesting read. I love the part where you talk about hammer haunts having a tea party! Oh, and of course the karras part!
    I made nothing up. That's probably the most twisted thing about that dream.

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    I had more than one of these, but now I write down the one that I remember most clear.

    I was Garrett, in a daylight mission. There was broad sunlight and I was in strange city with mostly beige colored buildings, kinda mix of the roman empire and precursor missions. No people were in the streets, but from a huge and closed nearby gate, I could hear masses roaring (maybe some gladiator things on the other side?). Some voices encouraged me continuously: "go ahead, no guards, no people anywhere". I arrived to a house with a half-opened first floor (a big terrace/balcony) - so the ground level was a normal building, but the first floor had no walls but columns. I climbed up there, since I knew that my loot will be there. Suddenly I stopped on the first floor - I looked, and saw two guards sitting on chairs far away from me, but looking in my direction, on the far end of the room. I didn't know if they noticed me or not, but I was - somehow - really scared. After a few more creepy seconds in the dumb, empty, sunny scene, one of the guards started smiling, then ran towards me. I knew I had no weapons nor healing potions, then i woke up.

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    I had this a loong time ago. I found the Alarus extension in the Bonehoard! 'Twas a corridor, which lend into a huge cavern that had a tower in its midst. The corridor continued in a bridge, leading to the top of the tower, which was hollow inside, save for a circular steps winding downwards. I ran down the steps, and noticed that the water level was rising! Then suddenly all the loot in my pockets got really heavy, and I noticed that the our PM (!) was down on the floor, already deep in water, screaming for help... I decided to help him, even though I hate him in fact, anyway. I dropped the loot, grabbed the PM, started running upwards, when the financial minister caming running down! I disabled him with a couple of gas arrows, dunno why. And everything was illuminated by this sick green light. It was very creepy, I must say, for no apparent reason.

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    i haved a dream when i saw a haunt with the face of Warren Spector (very scary)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Er, um... nobody.
    I had a dream where I was sitting at the lappy and reading this exact page and thinking of this idea for a dream, when I started by typing: I had a dream where I was sitting at the lappy and reading this exact page and thinking of this idea for a dream, when I started by typing: I had a dream where I was sitting at the lappy and reading this exact page and thinking of this idea for a dream, when I started by typing: I had a dream where I was sitting at the lappy and reading this exact page and thinking of this idea for a dream, when I started by typing: I had a dream where I was sitting at the lappy and reading this exact page and thinking of this idea for a dream, when I started by typing: I had a dream where I was sitting at the lappy and reading this exact page and thinking of this idea for a dream, when I started by typing...

    Satire isn't dead, it's just been taking a whiz on the streets of burbank for too long and got arrested for loitering...
    Eh, I haven't really had a full dream, so I'll just say that I've had small dreams where I was walking around a garden eerily similar to that in baffords mansion... a true story, though I'm a bit fuzzy on all the extra details, I literally remembered pondering on this just a moment ago...

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    What a great topic for my first post
    I'm actualy having Thief dreams each time I have no time to play some fm in real life. So, if I have a hard working period, about a month without Thief, dreams overtake me Can't call them nightmares cos I love them, though they are pretty creepy.
    Two of my favourites are:
    I'm travelling through the dead forest - rare trees, mist everywhere, yellow leaves on the ground etc. I'm about to infiltrate the castle of the dead where they hold a key to the mystical Golden Bird's cage. So i'm sneaking around the castle to find entrance through sewers, Then searching for the hall where i find the key, resting on pedestal. I grab the key and at that very moment all the haunts in the building get aware of my presence and exact location and give that ugly "heeeeey's" and "aaaarrghhh's"
    So i'm running as hell to the entrance gates, feeling some burning heat behind me (and light as if i've got hundred of lava balls chasing me) and that haunt calls.
    I run outside and find a small wierd rusty flying machine with bat-like wings and a steampipe. I shoot a fire arrow at it's steamer, mantle it and manage to lift to the air. The machine flies heavily and tends to lose height but seems to work better and better with each minute. I'm flying over the dead forest, watching the mist covering swampy ground and heading towards the cage to rescue the Golden Bird.
    Then i wake up and run DarkLoader

    2)I'm in an old soviet plant (yeah, i'm from ex-ussr ). They produce all sorts of stone stuff - gravel, stone blocks, statues and so on. As the plant stands in a half-deserted town, most of it's rooms are empty and unused. Though it's still functioning and i have to avoid rare workers.
    I was unlucky to alert some stern old lady who was doing some paperwork, but she looked at me with disapproval and told to go back to work, huh. I disappeared around the corner and decided to jump into the elevator they used for transporting gravel. And just when i jumped in and started descending, i saw that old lady above me in the elevator shaft. She shook her fist at me, pushed a button and gravel started falling over me. I was producing that Garret suffering groans and lost most of my health but managed to drink two health potions and to finish descending alive.
    Found myself on an open territory that looked like an urban football ground (probably for workers, i thought to myself). I looked around and suddenly i saw three dead worker dudes slowly approaching me. Without a sound. Damn, it was scary.
    Took out my dagger (Deadly Shadows played a mean trick on me) and started chopping their faces, but they did not react, they just were moving closer and closer. I woke up

    And there are lots of minor Thief dreams i see quite often, some of them repeat and it's like replaying a favourite FM)

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    I had one recently with two extemely contrasted girls: Lauryl from T3 and Alma from F.E.A.R. mooshed into one. Half nice and friendly, and the other half creepy as taff. The rest contained L4D on heroin, video game demos from my childhood, aaaaand 91@ntrubb3r$3xd0||$

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    I've had Thief dreams for a long time, so let me start with one of my classics.

    Don't laugh at this one, but I have Pokemon dreams as well. The dream took place as if it were inside the Dark Engine. Can you imagine Pokemon in the Dark Engine? :P

    I was inside this rather wealthy-looking house, but my objective wasn't to steal things. This time I was with my sister. She ran ahead of me to go exploring. There was a cream-colored carpet on the floor, with a red flower pattern. At the back of the hallway, there was a lamp, about 5 or 6 feet tall. The room was made of wood. Where I was right now, I could see the hallway turn to the right into a room. But I was tempted to explore the room behind the door on my left, a dozen or so feet away from me.

    So I got there, and I started picking the lock. As everyone knows in Thief, you don't see your arms while you're lockpicking. Meanwhile, the little passage that leads to the door was closing in on me, like the walls were moving. I finally got the door open. I looked inside and saw my sister using her laptop. I closed the door and carried on. I walked to the right, and I saw a staircase, covered by a wooden wall. Think of the room, like one of the rooms in Thief 2: Running Interference. The two doors were there, the rug, the couch, the foot stand, and everything else was there, only the staircase going up was turned the other way round. Then I heard footsteps. I turned around and I saw someone who looked like Jack Nicholson. He had a knife in his hand and was chasing me. So I ran up to the incomplete staircase and climbed up. I turned left and ran to the top.

    I reached a room with two small hallways; both leading to a door each. I saw my sister and a few Pokemon with her.

    WARNING: Some of us taffers might not know what the hell these Pokemon are.

    Anyway, there was a Pikachu, a Buizel, and a Piplup with her and they all looked scared. Then the knife man came from the hallway on the right and started chasing us. We all ran down the hallway on the left until we reached a door much like the wooden doors with windows at Shoalsgate Station. I got to the door, only to find out that it was locked. Then the dream ended.

    Remember, this was a dream. I was not under hallucinogenic sleeping pills.

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    in my case, i remember having a couple of time scary dreams about the trickster, i dont remember what they are exactly as it was several year but one i remember is that i was visiting the botanical garden with one of my friend and i saw the trickster simbol in one of the garden along with creepy sound (kinda like the maw of chaos) and i was trying to convince my friend that we should leave the place asap

    i admit i was completely caught of guard by that turn of the storywhen garret got his eye torn off and it might have stayed in the back of my conscience

    during the time i did the cradle, as i did it in 2 hour stretched out in 5 days, during that time i had dream about the cradle but once i finished it, it stopped

    if i am good in human mission, ghosthing around and no killing, i am a coward in mission that deal with paranormal stuff like haunted cathedral etc
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    A lucid dream I had back in April, originally posted on my (private) dream blog:

    "It is night time and I am in a small medieval town. I am unsure whether I am in a computer game or 'reality,' but the feeling is incredible. With all the dark areas within the narrow streets, it immediately hits me that I'm in a similar world to the Thief series (stealth computer games). I slowly walk up to various buildings, enter them and sneak about the rooms looking what I can find. In one dimly lit building a richly dressed man (presumably the owner) was sleeping upright in a bed that was stuck vertically against the wall. Right next to him was a heavily armoured guard facing him with a sword. The guard's body was bizarrely shaped with massive arms and legs. I cautiously entered the room and could hear the owner snoring loudly. However the guard quickly noticed me and started to run towards my direction. I legged it out of the building and jumped into the water.

    I am swimming along the river and find a ledge to get out. I pass several buildings and again enter the building with the man and guard. As before, the guard was waiting for me and again I had to leg it and jump into the river for safety.

    I am now in a French town that appears to be set in the present. It has a large medieval church and many 18th - 20th century buildings. It is again night time and I'm in a busy pub which is dimly lit. I enter into a small bathroom which has gas lighting and a distinct smell. I leave the pub and wander about town. I am drawn to the old church and try to break in using a lock pick, but to no avail.

    I've met up with several people including Dawn P. (a colleague who worked on several projects in my last job). Everyone is sleeping except me. It is early morning, and it is becoming lighter outside. I look out of the window several times. I leave the house and take a coach across town, I am told by the bus conductor that my bus ticket can be used all day.

    I see a house with an open gate and so I approach it to see if I can enter it. As I do a fat French man with short black hair starts shouting at me, I respond by stating "Sorry, I am lost and not sure where I am. My french is not good." The man becomes friendly and explains that as the town is small it is easy to get around. I think that the AI is incredible if the man is able to discuss such matters. (I am still unsure whether I am in a computer game or 'reality.')

    I am watching Youtube clips of the town I was in, which indicates that I was in a Thief type game world. The description declares that the game is still in progress."

    The feeling and atmosphere in this dream was amazing.

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    I had one a few months ago where I was walking in this palace garden (typical Thief mansion yard), and when I get to the end of it, I suddenly found myself in near darkness, with this old stone wall and gate in front of me (a T1 Old Quarter feel). When I looked down at the ground, there was this zombie humanoid creature emerging from the ground, laying down, eyes closed, with horns that looked more like crayman eyes than anything else. He looked like he was made of stone, like he had been carved from the ground, but at the same time seemed alive somehow. And that was it. I had played about 2 hours of Thief 3 and TDM beforehand, so I think they had something to do with it.

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    I had a few thief style dreams, never been in the game engine or played garrett mind, always in modern times, and as myself. Never stole anything either ha. Some thief right?
    Once i had a medieval style dream -
    It was in broad daylight. I walked through the big open doors of a cathederal. It was empty, the walls were all a golden stone? It was like limestone, but it had a strong yellowy glow to it. There was a massive stained glass window at the back behind the alter.
    I didn;t have my mind on thieving, more just looking around, then as i moved through the entrance hall towards the arch that leads you to the main chamber, a seductive woman in a dark red cloak came forth and said something to me.
    She stood looking at me for a moment, I didn't reply, and she took off, the cloak bellowing as she shot off, then I went to the wall, where there was a hanging picture scroll thing with writing on it.
    I tried to read the writing, it was digial, and scrolling like subtitles or something. I couldn't read it, but as far as i could tell they were 'game saves'.
    It all changed after that... I ended up on the edge of a cliff, being surrounded by germans in the 50's (i know the war was in the 40s). Getting shot at, bombed with a squad all screaming at me to save them. Cant remember much else.

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    The only Thief related dreams I remember were when I was building on my FMs, I'd dream about its world. I had the vision of the tunnel to the canyon you see in the Chain Project (a long time ago, can't remember it well now) and the forest & city parts (which you haven't seen yet), and I had a pretty visceral dream about walking through the warehouse in Patently Dangerous (not Thief but whatever) which I pretty much built exactly as I saw it in my dream -- not kidding, room for room as I saw it -- and the paranoia and fear I think translated pretty well.

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    I had once, but it was in summer. I was in strange empty building. I opened a wooden door in hallway and I saw another big room, but it was dark except annoying to epilepsy flickering lantern. There was a zombie inside as I remember. When I entered the room there's started to play organ song from Thief 1 abandoned keeper's HQ (omg, It was high quality) then it seems my dream has ended (unfortunately). I think I woke up on 1 PM or later...

    Also I has another random taffer dreams but those were horrible short so I don't remember 'em...

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    Let's revive this.

    Last night I dreamt I was in a newly released Thief mission, which consisted of a huge, sprawling town, made up of short, Lost City-type buildings, but with a green stone texture (pretty much exactly like the one here though a bit darker).

    Each house had small artificial torches next to it (like the ones the Mechanists put up in the Lost City). It was night time, not a sign of life anywhere. I walked for a few minutes through the town and at the end of it was a huge, dark castle entrance, locked. The dream then ended

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    I have a lot of Thief dreams. It's always sort of like I'm playing and sort of like I'm actually "in the game." It's always a new environment, like a new FM. Sometimes it feels like I'm returning to the same ones. A lot of times it involves haunts. I would say I have these dreams about once a month. It would be cool to put some of these areas into actual FMs if I could remember them clearly enough.

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    The closest I've come was a dream that was strongly Thief-inspired.

    I wrote it down about a year ago. Some of this might be embellishment from then, but not much. I can remember it pretty clearly.

    I found myself walking down some old cobblestone roads by a canal in what was basically The City. It was night, and the streets were empty. The wind was the only thing moving. The street I was on ran parallel to the canal and led up to an old abandoned theater, which was where the thieves guild came to meet. I was supposed to join it that night, so I had to go there for a ceremony. When I came to the doors, a sharp-faced man took me inside, which was lavish and bustling with activity. A golden chandelier illuminated a red carpet and rows of red velvet chairs leading down to a dark, boxy wooden stage. It was small but grandiose, and was packed with a rowdy audience of thieves, mostly wearing black. One of them looked like Bob Newhart. Another was my sponsor, a cheerful fat man in a golden robe.

    The guild leader, a black man in a purple robe and fez, came on stage and started giving a speech. At some point during it, the sharp-faced man (who had let me in) got my attention and beckoned me to come back outside. I followed him out, at which point he pushed me away from the building and drew his sword. I started backing away down the street. Suddenly, city guards appeared from the shadows on both sides of the theater and stormed through the doors, ignoring the sharp-faced man. He stood there a second and grimaced at me, sword drawn, before following the guards inside to join them in the massacre. I ran the other way, exhilarated to have survived.

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