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Thread: 72 Hour Contest - The Wooden Box (14 December 2015)

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    playing on the normal, everyone's alive version; I've explored almost everywhere and all objectives except 'leave' are complete.
    I found a pair of door separated by a lock near to the hunter's quarters (a vent from the main hall also leads there) but no key will open them and they are unpickable. Any ideas how to open them or what is inside?

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    DromEd Archmage
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    Location: Between a bed and a machine
    If I remember correctly This is the vault entrance. And you are in a seed where you cannot open them.
    To reach your goal You need to look for a secret passage to get into the vault

    If you are really lost here a last spoil : Go into the Office, a room with a french door in the main hall and Find a secret switch. It can be a lever under the desk, a secret book, or the torch

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    I have a problem. I tried to open wooden chest in Vault and I got teleported. Afterwards no kill objective fails even though I killed no one. Can anybody help?

    Edit: I restarted few times and I noticed that if I don't go the group of hunters at the east of starting point, mission continues normally. So this objective failure must be connected to mines from basement most likely. Hunters from basement must steps on mines and that's somehow fails objective after opening wooden box.

    By the way, I put these Wooden Box Scripts into my Thief 2 folder. And when objective completes normally and I return, I have like every variant of enemies possible: spiders, thieves, zombies, plants, Pagans.

    Edit: Nevermind, scripts work correctly now. I made mistake with copying files. I got question if I want overwrite 1 file and I didn't want. I thought that other 2 files: lgs.osm and scripts folder were copied into Thief 2 folder, but looks like I was wrong. That's why I was so confused.
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    DromEd Archmage
    Registered: Nov 2010
    Location: Between a bed and a machine
    Yeah Galaer, the instruction were for those using Darkloader. It could have changed ND updates after updates.

    Several things are maybe deppreced now in instruction. I guess the mission would need some update and use Squirrel instead of Lua.

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