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Thread: Glorious Game

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    Glorious Game

    I got the game back in Christmas 96, finished the whole game several times. I have no idea why it never became popular, it seemed so fun and it was so simple that a 10 year old could master it. I have the sudden urge to play it again, but I am not sure where my CD is now adays. Does any one have a torrent of it or a copy that is modified to work on XP or anything?


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    Looking Glass Classics can help you out.

    XP is very problematic with Terra Nova. YMMV. Have a look through the sticky thread, and hope for the best.

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    Downloading it now. I bet this game would be far more popular these days if it were re-made and with new features added. Would've been awesome to walk around the base and to the actual briefing room, into the jumpjets and stuff.

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    10 year old what? I for one have trouble with several of the missions.

    I remember there being a thread some time back about someone redoing TN with much higher quality graphics. Either that or they just made new screen shots with what looks like that TerraGen program. I could email the pics I have of it if you'd like.
    Does this sound familiar, Shadowcat? I did a search, but didn't find any references.

    edit: Looking again, I wonder if it was Terra Nova 2000 started by a former forum member, Abdiel. No web page for it to compare with, though.
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    "Terra Nova 2000" is certainly what sprang immediately to my mind, but reading that news item leaves me unsure as to whether we're thinking of the same TN2K. I have three mock-screens going by that name (with "Mary ap Io" and "Mark ap Io" as the squad members), but they bear no resemblance to Tribes, and my recollection is that there was never any kind of development associated with the screens -- they were simply concept art for a would-be modern version of the game.

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    Yeah, definately some hard missions for a 10 year old. I found that Pirate suit one tough and some other one that I vaguely remember about secureing some crashed ship. I played it several years later and it was a cakewalk. Age really is a factor in game skill.

    That Terra Nova 2000 link is interesting, looks like the project never really got any where. What it really needs is for some computer game company out there to just take it in as a project, most fan-created spinoffs of a game generally suck.

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    Yeah, it'd be nice to have a LGS type company for just that.

    Those are the ones I have, Shadowcat. They looked like just mock ups to me, but I wasn't sure. Still, I haven't found any reference to those pics.

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