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Thread: New Map Released!!!! TH-2O

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    New Map Released!!!! TH-2O

    Friends, Thieveryans, TuTians, Lend me your Ears.
    It is with a heavy heart and some sadness that I have come to a sad but neccessary decision.
    This is a day which will go down in history, A day when you can proudly say "I was there" and tell your children and grandchildren of this grand occasion.
    I [NAUC]/[E.D.G] am hereby declaring my map-TH2O- publically downloadable for your scrutiny,To do battle against the dark foes of Thieves, the grumpiness of Guards and the galloping Gerbils.
    I have to tell you now, that the map is not complete! No!
    There is still one more storey of the place left to do-But! It will be so grand as to take months to do-Therefore I am releasing the map.

    So you may find problems to moan about-And remember!!! There ARE 31!!!! Secrets in this map. Also there are a few BSP holes left-BUT!!! THEY ARE NOT BAD!! they only happen if u get an odd line of sight or u stand up in vents (and anyone stupid enuf to do that deserves it Also remember that this map took TWO clans/guilds to make I kid you not- The map was started by [NAUC] and was finished by [E.D.G]
    Well enjoy the map (downloaded from the below url) and pls tell ema bout any bugs u discover that the beta testers have missed And while talking about them for those who wont bother reading my maps credits- Thanks to all the insane Dev team members (well Mord went insane thx to my mapping questions ) Thanks to all [E.D.G] members both those both in the map credits and those I forgot- Loc , MasterThief3 , the few maniacs from CTG who fell for beta testing, ToB for hosting and some ppl I cant quite remember cos I dumped the buggy versions on so many ppl

    So here's the link: T"H-2O"

    [NAUC]-Not Another Unrealtorunament Clan
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    I'm sorry, but the link won't work . . .

    [edit]It's fixed[/edit]

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    Can't you host your own files?


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    Nice one laddy glad you finally made it... well sort of

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