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Thread: Thief Gold/Thief 2 Necro Age, EP2 and HD Mod comparison

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    Thief Gold/Thief 2 Necro Age, EP2 and HD Mod comparison

    Just curious to get an opinion on this suggestion, which texture and graphics mod do you think looks and plays better with Thief Gold/Thief 2? The Enhancement pack mod for Tfix/Tafferpatcher, the Necro Age mod or the HD Mod? Just wondering what Thief fans like the most out of the 3 texture and graphics mods that are available, I tested and played all 3 of them, but which one has the best realistic and immersive feeling to the games?

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    EP has the most vanilla aesthetics, but is not as complete as NecroAge if memory serves, especially the T1/TG part (but will have to double check, seems like more stuff has been been added in the meantime). NecroAge is darker in tone, but still quite true to the original, hdmod changes things around quite a lot (and is sometimes criticized for doing that, as people expect a true to the original experience because of the name), even adds new functionality in certain areas.

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    Cool and with the new recently released Thief 2 HD Mod version 1.0 (also there is a Thief 1/Gold HD Mod as well) It gives the objects and textures a more updated look to it compared to the previous version which I can't remember at the top of my head. But as time goes by, new things are always being added to the Thief games that continue to keep us diehard Taffers never running out of things to do in the game.

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    Just curious, how exactly do new textures give you more things to do in the game?

    Regarding your question, if you absolutely can't stand the vanilla look, go with Necro Age. It's the most complete and coherent one.

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    Sorry, I didn’t quite make sense with that last sentence about textures giving you new things to do in the game. What I meant to say is that new mods and missions are always being added or updated to keep us diehard Taffers to keep us busy in the game. Sorry for the misunderstanding. Oh ok, cool. I’ll probably play all 3 of them again and decided which one I like the best, thanks!

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    A mixture of all three plus some other textures and objects changed-modified by me.

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    Cool, so you’re the original creator who made these texture mods?

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