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Thread: How to play Thief Dark Project with fixes

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    How to play Thief Dark Project with fixes

    My goal is to play TDP on modern hardware with fixes.

    I have both Gold installers and DP install CDs.

    If I use Tfix on the DP CD I end up with a hybrid Gold/DP game where Lost City and Undercover are DP but the rest of the missions appear to be the Gold versions.

    If I install Gold then the Gold2Dark mod then Tfix, I appear to end up with the same Hybrid.

    So what will do the trick? Will starting with a Tfixed TG then overwriting its mission files with those from the DP CD work and give me mission fixes? Would it also give me the correct mission order without the three new missions?

    Has anyone managed DP on modern HW wit fixes? Thanks.

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    Other than fireshadows in Bonehoard and Haunted Cathedral, what are the lingering differences you wish to see rectified?

    If there are only a handful of little things like that, you could solve the problem in just a couple minutes of dromed. Are there other significant differences?

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    Funny, I was just playing my original copy of TDP.

    No tools or anything I think were used to install it. Maybe you aught to try installing TDP without using Tfix. If the setup.exe doesn't work, there's an old guide by I think the user "The Brain" came up with many years ago where you basically copy your install files to your hard drive and basically install it manually. Would have to search around for that guide but I think the gist of it was copying the contents of the CD to your hard drive and then either installing from there, or just copying all the files to a Thief folder and then setting up your install.cfg file manually.

    I have a running copy of TDP on my windows 10 machine using ddfix. What other fixes do you mean? Can you elaborate? Do you just mean the usual, like EAX fix, movie fix, multicore fix, gamma fix?

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    tfix lite would probably be what you need, but I'm not sure. Voodoo went out of his way to make sure whatever he saw fit to change was changed, so you might have to do some file swapping to get everything without his silly changes.

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    Interesting. I didn't even know there was a tfix lite. But, I am behind the times.

    Here's a link to that thread for tfix lite Psch0sis was talking about.

    And voodoo actually explains in the first post what I was just talking about in my last post, if you want to try a manual install.
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    Ah, forgot about Tfix Lite.

    So I just installed GoG TG which comes pre-patched with Tfix Lite, installed the G2D mod and think it has worked. Well, no lever to open way to LBW or Burning Man in THC anyway.

    Look forward to re-meeting the Crays in LC and the stationary ape I believe is in Maw DP.

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    Of course slight problem now is that I think I will be stuck with vanilla graphics as I think NecroAge requires mods that are not present in GoG vanilla (?)

    But for now glad to have DP back.
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    yeah, lite should work ok with TDP. you won't get any fixes that require direct map edits of course, but the important stuff should be all there.
    Quote Originally Posted by Psych0sis View Post
    read more.

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    Much as I am liking spotting the differences (such as the bridge in Lost City being now made out of metal, or the new stationary guard in Cragscleft) I had forgotten how irritating not having the ding dongs for completed objectives is.

    I'd gotten so used to picking up loot until I heard the noise then knowing that I can exit, and it is a real step backwards to have to keep checking after each pickup to see if the total has been reached yet.

    Anyway, does anyone know exactly how the ding dongs were enabled in T1? Is it too much to hope that there are just some script files I could copy from my TG folder into my TDP folder and that would enable them?
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    Afraid not, as far as I know it requires modifications to the missions themselves. I had to manually script it to happen in my contest mission.

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    it's doable, but no time in the next four days.

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    I'd think it would be fairly straightforward with a custom script. Just listen for quests to be marked completed.

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    you just need to grab the correct dml and squirrel bits from the full patcher properly. would do it, but I'm away from my main rig for a couple of days.

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    voodoo that would be great if you can find the time at some point. A set of files that just needed to be dropped into the TDP folder, if I am understanding cxorrectly, would be amazing.

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    off the bat, it should be just a question of dropping the squirrel script folder into the installation, and grabbing the activation code from gamesys.dml.

    was considering adding it to Lite as well, but that would make it NOT bugfix strict, make certain people scream bloody murder about ruining the game, and I wouldn't be able to tell them to go use it if they don't like full anymore.

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    Yes a small stand-alone mod is probably the way. Thanks again if you take a look.

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