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Thread: Watch Dogs Legion

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    Angry Joe Show was not kind to the game:

    They say it's full of repetitious missions (with even the tutorial mission being repeated in the exact same location with the same dialog), game crashes and save corruptions, not enough variety and broken AI. They recommend waiting till the game is a free giveaway (from I assume Epic) in 6 months. Otherwise not to bother with it.

    Was quite excited for this one, but after that, nah I'll skip it and wait for Cyberpunk.

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    Thing What Kicks
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    Finally got my refund (although not the 100 points I used to get a 20% discount), and the wholo experience has somewhat tempered my enthusiasm to say the least.
    I don't see myself buying this in the immediate future.
    And if and when I do get it, it certainly won't be through Uplay, unless it's a freebie.

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