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Thread: A question concerning an NPC death...

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    A question concerning an NPC death...

    I have the XBOX 360 version, and a while ago I found the body of Ida Vlinorman, an apprentice acrobatics trainer who lives in the Elven Gardens of Imperial City, lying on the small amount of land underneath the bridge going across the lake right next to the old man who needs 12 scales. So, I looted her body and got her home key. It's pretty annoying because since she's out of the picture you'd think I basically own her home now, but I still can't sleep in her bed and such.

    Anyway, what I want to ask is, why was she dead there?? Her body was perfectly flat on the ground, perhaps a mud crab got to her, but how? How did she get from Imperial City to this small settlement west of there, and how was she killed underneath this obscure place? Has this happened to anyone else? Plus, I don't need her acrobatics training or anything, but does she have any uses other than that? lol, it bothers me that there's an empty house in Elven Gardens now, but that might just be the OCD in me acting up.

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    Many of the citizens in Oblivion go to visit other towns occasionally. Even more occasionally, they fall off (or, more likely, through) the bridge to the Imperial City and die. I've also seen travelling NPCs killed by goblins or bandits at other times.

    Unless you need her for something, I wouldn't worry about it.

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    Oh, alright, that makes more sense. Thanks!

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