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Thread: Vanishing Inventory.

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    Vanishing Inventory.

    I'm playing ES3 for the 2nd character.
    I've been at it for a week or two and suddenly I'm losing items from my inventory!
    I had a Indoril helm that I took off to use [i forget what the mask is called...kicks up personality 5 points or so] and the next time I looked the Indoril helm was gone!
    Dammit! That was a good piece o' armor!
    I just noticed that I lost my 60-pak of steel arrows somehow. They were there earlier today and now they aren't.
    What's going on?

    I don't remember seeing this in the previous game [same install].

    I wonder what else is falling off that I haven't noticed?

    Any clues??

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    Did you steal the helm or the arrows?

    If you steal something, and not get caught, then a year later, steal somethign else and get caught, both items will be removed from your inventory.

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    Now that you mention it I MAY have lifted the Indoril helm.

    I definitely didn't lift the arrows.

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    Is it true that you have been caught stealing? That could certainly explain the helm and it may explain the arrows as well. Perhaps you didn't steal those arrows, but if you had taken any of the same type all of that type in your posession will be tainted by association.

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    I got caught at something minor...I don't remember what but the fine was $45 or some such.
    I'm not sure of the time line on this, though.

    I never stole ANY arrows, but...

    If I understand you right, if I steal some steel arrows, shoot them all up & get some more, the new ones will flagged as stolen?
    AND they will be taken back any time during the game if I get caught taking something else, even if I'm a million miles away from the original scene of the crime?

    It's been my understanding that, if you steal something & don't get caught, then the only way you get into trouble [or have the items reclaimed] is if you try to sell those same items in the same area. At that point they will be discovered and taken away.
    What gives?

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    They probably wanted to make the game harder that way. Or they didn't have enough time... I think it would be cool to be able to ransack a town and not have guards chasing you from a couple hundred miles away >.<

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    I must test this!
    I think that something no es possible aqui.

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    I was curious about a sound I hear sometimes when my character wakes up. It sounds like the sound you get when your disposing something from you're inventory. I haven't ever noticed anything missing though, but I was wondering what this sound is?

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    I hear that every now & then, too.
    Never could pin it down.

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    I may be way off of this, but I came to associate an odd sound with the magicka in an enchanted item recharging. I don't use enchantments so I seldom have this experience. After looting an opponent, I might pick up an enchanted item partially discharged during the combat, then sometime after that I would notice that it had recharged-I just came to associate a small clinking sound with this circumstance. After resting for a number of hours, an item would have been fully recharged and the sound might be the first thing you hear.

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    Aparently the "noises" are the items when they recharge (i.e. a "plink" sound like a ring when a ring recharges itself). I asked about this a while ago in some thread or another and several people confirmed that is what it is.

    I think most people lose inventory items in one of two ways.

    1) they sell off an item by mistake, usually in a hurry or unloading a bunch of items (I think I did this a long time ago with a nice sword I had, or nice for my beginning character)

    2) the item somehow gets identified as stolen and it taken from you when arrested.

    The 2nd item I found can cause problems with selling things. I kept getting snagged for things that where very much mine, but I was attacked for them being stolen.


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    Something else to be aware of is that there's more than a handful of areas which the developers created by copy/pasting other areas, tweaking them slightly (doors, etc) and then forgot to clear ownership tags... so that, for example, you may find a gem lying in a dungeon that's tagged as belonging to someone halfway across the island.

    Cute, no? That's why I always play with 'full help' turned on, as it clues you in to who "owns" what. (TFH in the console, if memory serves)

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    So, just type TFH & [enter] ?

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