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Thread: Exit...Stage Left: Neil Peart Passes Away at 67

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    Exit...Stage Left: Neil Peart Passes Away at 67

    Neil Peart Dies: Longtime Rush Drummer And Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer Was 67

    Neil Peart, whose drum theatrics and iconoclastic lyrics fueled the Canadian rock trio Rush to international fame, died Tuesday in Santa Monica after a long battle with brain cancer. He was 67. His longtime bandmates Geddy Lee and Alex Lifeson confirmed the news today on social media.

    Neil Peart September 12, 1952 January 7, 2020

    Rush (@rushtheband) January 10, 2020
    Farewell to the greatest drummer the world has ever known.

    May you find peace at last...

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    He was the best drummer in the world. I can't think who might be second best. Maybe Cozy Powell? I don't know. Everybody knew Neal was the best though. The world is dying bit by bit and it's taking pieces of me with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tocky View Post
    I can't think who might be second best. Maybe Cozy Powell?
    Second best drummer in the world was Nick Knox. For sure.

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    RIP. Power trio down to a duo.

    While they're not a favourite band of mine, I've always been able to appreciate Rush from a technical perspective. Lee's bass work is amazing; Lifeson's clean guitar lines have always been co-lead with Lee's vocals; and Peart... well, no one drummed like Peart. He might have been responsible for some of Rush's worst lyrical excesses, but the man could work that kit. Rest in peace, Neil.

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    I was never really into Rush, but you cant deny the impact they had. I wonder how many people were inspired to pick up drums guitar or bass through their records.

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    Great dude who experienced tragic circumstances and yet treasures in his life. A life complex as a a 13/8 time signature. Peace to his soul. May you all have peace. Free Will.

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