Ladies and Gentlemen,

I come bearing the gift of hope. As many of you know, the studio has been through a great deal recently, and we have been preoccupied with the processes of adaptation and renewal. And, of course, we've been nurturing our next project through its infancy.

Beyond own trials, the industry itself is changing rapidly, and we continue to seek the right balance between our core values and consumer demand. That said, I suspect you will be pleased to learn that we have not forgotten about our existing fan base.

Nor shall we.

In that vein, Im pleased to announce that we have been (quietly, by necessity) working for several months on the process of releasing the Deadly Shadows editing toolset to the fan community. This is not a guarantee; there are numerous technical and policy-based obstacles that remain to be negotiated.

And if they come, there may be features that you will either have to jury-rig or do without but believe me when I say that they remain incredibly powerful. On a personal level, I would love to see what you might achieve with them.

As a studio, we want you to know that we are doing our utmost to hand you the keys to The City. If we're able to make it happen, well be as pleased as you are. Your continued interest and loyalty speak for themselves. These tools belong in your hands.

Regards and thanks,

Jordan Thomas