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Thread: A Noble Death: The Death of Lady Gilder

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    A Noble Death: The Death of Lady Gilder

    So I ran this thing through Darkloader, but I can't read any of the books or scrolls. I'm sure others have had this problem with this game. Has anyone found out what's wrong with it?

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    This is a really, really old one and I doubt anything is going to be fixed in it now. You can finish it without reading any of the books, as far as I can recall.

    Here is the text of the books, though I can't say which one is in which location as I have no way of telling:

    gilder1: "Garrett,
    Hope this gets to you. Word on the street is that Gilder's been buying in elemental crystals. I heard she has a special storeroom for them. You know how hard it is to get those crystals - if I were you, I'd think about relieving her of them. After all, she won't be needing the things after tonight...
    - Cutty"

    gilder2: "
    Dear Catherine,
    I was distressed to hear you have taken the Skull of Gilder to your town house. I know it is your responsibility, and I appreciate that you think you have taken sufficient measures to protect it, but I cannot stop worrying that one of your servants or guests will make off with it.
    I would be grateful if you would take it back to your country residence, where it will surely be safer, guarded by the family retainers rather than those hired lackeys. After all, it is the most precious family relic the Gilders posess.
    - Your loving uncle, Harvane Gilder"

    Log of transactions, May - August.

    May 1st
    Recieved rent payments from tenants 1500
    Skimpers: Herrow and Sanworth
    Wages paid out 500

    May 5th
    Double collection from skimpers 400
    Recieved crystals from Dorcas 1120

    May 14th
    Hammer charge for installation 1000

    May 16th
    Recieved crystals from Dorcas 500

    May 22nd
    Hammer charge for maintenance 200

    June 1st
    Recieved rent payments from tenants 1600
    Skimper: Sanworth
    Wages paid out 475

    June 2nd
    Hammers still not cooperating.
    Hammer charge for maintenance 300

    This is getting ridiculous. If the hammers don't fix that Builder-forsaken machinery by tomorrow I'll order Keval to rough up whoever they send round to collect the payment."

    Dear Garrett,
    No, I have no idea why these roof tiles are so bloody slippery either. I blame those pesky Hammers and their grease pots. That's why I made Keval kill the Hammer novice instead of just knocking him out. Mwaahahahahahaaaa!!!
    In fact, Ham the Hammer Novice is alive when you arrive. If you were a true master thief, maybe you could save him...
    But I doubt it.
    Yours Sinisterly, Ishy"

    That appears to be all the texts.

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    I just created a patch for this mission.
    All the readables had to be moved from 'books\gilder' to 'books'.
    With that you can read everything in the game and the game no longer crashes when trying to do so.

    You can find the patch here.

    Sorry for resurrecting this OLD thread, but there doesn't seem to be any that would be more suiteable.
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    Hey, that's cool! I actually remember this mission and the problem with readables. I might just replay it to respect your efforts.

    EDIT: Don't see the link to the patch there yet, but now I notice I only replied 4 minutes after you posted this

    EDIT2: CLEARLY I am RETARDED. I saw it just now again. It was theer all this time.

    *facepalm* No, that's not gonna cut it
    *facewall* .. still no
    *faceground* derrr....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Thor View Post
    Hmmm... I did some editing on the other threads while you responded the first time.
    So maybe it was not all your fault.

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    Nooooo.... nooooooooooo...... nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...........

    but it had 5 mirrors before and after.

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