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Thread: update - LG Classics rises from the ashes - Aug.3, 2008

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerker View Post
    Now what I'd really like to see is an ISO from the Playstation version of Ultima Underworld.
    Short summary:

    - the framerate and resolution are very nice
    - the controls aren't
    - there's an FMV intro, high-quality music and some nice sound effects, including echoing footsteps in large rooms
    - the enemies have been replaced with rather ugly polygon renditions

    Other than that, the game itself seems to be exactly the same. Except for the fact that everything's in Japanese.


    The start. Note the kickass polygonal compass and generally large viewport. <3

    The inventory. Slightly odd to handle, but pretty decently implemented. Circle will move objects, Square will drop them after an extra prompt, Triangle will use an object and X will close the inventory window.

    Another inventory shot, this one from the Starter Kit Bag.

    Yes, you still manipulate stuff in the game world with a cursor. To get the cursor, you need to hold down R1 on the gamepad. This is mostly what I mean when I say that the controls suck.

    One of the polygonal NPCs. The models themselves aren't too horrible, but their animation is even less detailed than that of their pixel cousins.

    Talking to said NPC. Note that the character portraits have been replaced with Japanised versions.

    Polygonal monsters. Their attack animations are actually a fair bit better than the movement ones, but still not exactly what could be expected even from a PS1 game.

    More polygonal monsters.

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    Wow. That's brilliant. I've never seen any screens from those and I always just presumed that it was just a direct port with no real modification.

    Incidentally, I've finally gotten my act together and uploaded both games as an iso to a site that I will disclose to Drat so that we can make it perennially available as a torrent. Not really sure if it falls into the abandonware category otherwise I would just post it here.

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    hello ttlg people! i actualy joined this forum to ask one question...

    anybody want to link me the torrent?

    i've been trying to find the jap underworld for ages. it's no longer a want, more a physical need.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dethtoll View Post
    heh. there's one of SS1 too. both are japanese-only, to my knowledge.
    wh-what? I want proof...

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    rising from the ashes

    All games previously available on LG Classics v1.0 are now available again.

    The list, as a reminder:
    - BioForge
    - British Open Championship Golf
    - Car and Driver
    - Command & Conquer
    - Crusader: No Remorse
    - Crusader: No Regret
    - Destruction Derby N64
    - Flight Unlimited
    - System Shock (PC/Mac)
    - Terra Nova Strike Force Centauri
    - Ultima Underworld: The Stygian Abyss
    - Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds
    - Wings of Glory


    [edit] strange, it looks like my first post edit doesn't affect the thread title...
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    So let me get this straight, it's seen as kosher on TTLG to freely distribute these games, many of which were made well after EA's buy-out of Origin - but not System Shock 2? SS2 is LONG OOP too.

    Someone please explain, because this looks to be one massive example of double-standards at play.

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    june gloom
    Why don't you go look at the FAQs in the System Shock section of TTLG if you're so hardup for an answer.

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    I, too, have always found LG Classics a bit of an oddity here. One that allowed me to enjoy Terra Nova* and System Shock 1, though.

    *CDAccess does, however, appear to have plenty of copies in stock.
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    Thanks, raph.

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    This too bugs me, now. What's the difference between abandonware that can be linked to with no problem and abandonware, which linking to is frowned upon? Please someone explain this to me like to a 10 years old. I didn't have enough sleep this last weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Raven View Post
    *CDAccess does, however, appear to have plenty of copies in stock.
    Crap. <s>Ok I'll remove it.</s>

    TN: SFC removed.
    Last edited by rachel; 4th Aug 2008 at 05:21. Reason: TN: SFC removed.

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    Raph, that wasn't my intention; I do, however, completely understand why you would remove it.

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    I think that of all old Games that were OK to distribute, TN would be one of them. LGS self published it, with Virgin as distributor. (Same with Flight 1) I find it very hard to believe that one could get in trouble there.

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    So I should ignore the fact it's still for sale? Self-published or not, that was one of the rules, if it's still available legally somewhere, freebie is a no-no...

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    june gloom
    Not that I care very strongly one way or another as there is no way I could possibly get it running on a PC made less than 10 years ago, but allow me to play devil's advocate:

    Since LGS self-published it, and Virgin Interactive distributed it, and both LGS and Virgin are gone, and CDaccess appears to be merely a redistributor of old software, LGS and Virgin are not earning any money from your purchase. Especially not for $10.

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    Quote Originally Posted by The_Raven View Post

    *CDAccess does, however, appear to have plenty of copies in stock.
    Just received mine

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    Mmm, I should grab one of those myself.

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    For those interested here's a video of the Ultima Underworld psx.

    I'm still very interested in hearing more about a possible japanese psx port of system shock.

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    LGClassics seems to be in the ashes, again. Was it moved, or is it gone for good?

    Another site that's gone (which I'd love to find) is the site with the Source engine screenshots -

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