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Thread: GarrettLoader Help and Bug reports

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    collection of 429 solutions

    if you know how to use the command prompt this will be easier:

    Click Start, then click Run.
    In the "Open:" box, type in (or copy the line below and paste it)

    Regsvr32.exe "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\dao\dao350.dll"

    you should get a message saying:
    DllRegisterServer in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\dao\dao350.dll succeeded
    restart GL. If that doesn't work repeat for

    Regsvr32.exe "C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\dao\dao360.dll"
    note the 6 instead of 5.

    The problem here though is that The database should have already been accessed before you get the chance to set your settings up and so its quite possibly not the problem.
    Another common reason for 429 is if your PC has a problem with the file system object, however that would have also been used before setting your settings up so is unlikely to be the problem.
    The final thought here is that the regular expressions process (which also does an activeX object) does not occur until GL intially compiles the lists of FMs...however by the sounds of it you are also past that point.

    If you wish I will be in a position to send out a pre-beta of the next version of GL this weekend, this will allow me to add abit more debugging around the activeX object creations to see where the error is occuring, let me know if you want to give it a go.
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    Still no luck

    I tried this solution (dao350.dll is not on my computer but dao360 is) and it reported it succeeded, however the 429 error is still appearing. Should I have them both?

    The pre-beta version sounds good, just let me know what to do.

    Thanks for all your help.

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    I shall be ready for some beta testing Saturday. I will start a new thread thursday or friday for people to register interest in it.
    I'm after about 10 people to test it, and the pre-beta test is more for a bit of guidance for a few key features in the program rather than a full blown test. However you can still participate as it will also allow me to focus on fault finding for the 429 error.

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    Sounds good, I'll keep my eyes open.

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    Sorry for delay in reply

    Hiya, sorry for delay, I'm moving around a bit and don't have permanent access to my puter.
    it fails when the save games are in the T3 game folder? Was that a manual move or via GL.
    Did you also adjust the registry to match the change ( HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Ion Storm\Thief - Deadly Shadows\SaveGamePath )
    It fails and gives me the error regardless of how the savegamepath is changed. Initially I'd changed it via registry, but I reinstalled and let GL change it automatically and same error. It seems to be related to the savegamepath being within the thief3 folder.

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    Thats interesting as its indicating that GL is not being allowed to delete the backed up up saves. which would make me wonder if it was then allowed to delete the FM zip files contents after they have been extracted...

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    I'm not sure.. I don't know if there's any way I can test this for you.
    I will only have easy access to my computer/internet for the next couple of days I'm afraid, I'm traveling for a job for some time. Sorry I know I was the one who prompted this current issue

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    I will add you to the list of beta testers as there are a couple of things I am working on that may benefit you in it (change to the way GL moves the T3 saves and a lot more error diagnostics on that section). Unfortunatly it won't be until early January though.

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    I probably shouldn't even post this, as I haven't taken the time to follow the GL scene nor read this entire thread. Some of this might be redundant and all of it might be useless. That said, perhaps it might be of some little help.

    I tried GL (v1.23) for the first time the other day on my work machine (thank goodness, see below). It's a pretty standard install - T3 in C:\Thief3, patched, no mods applied, didn't move the savegame folder. I tried running "The Walk" (mmm, good stuff) with it.

    On the first attempt to install, GL froze up for a long period of time, and then informed me of an error (no, I don't know it right now - like I said, I probably shouldn't even post this useless non-info, but...) and shut down. I was given instructions on how to restore my T3 to original state. And it worked! Impressive. Error handling and the ability to diagnose and correct the problem.

    So I tried again. Same behavior - long hang up, and then the same error message. Only this time, the backup zip file was not there (I noticed the restore instructions did say to unzip the backup zipfile IF it's there). Well, it wasn't, and therefore the T3 install got destroyed. Numerous files from the system folder were simply blown out of existence. I believe reports of this were around some months ago, but is it still happening?

    I usually use my own home-grown mission installer, which does nothing more than:
    -extract every file with paths preserved,
    -back up every would-be-overwritten file, by giving it a .T3loader extension,
    -on uninstall, it deletes everything from that mission, and restores the back up files

    It hasn't failed me yet (including on other games). I am an amateur programmer at best, so I won't presume to state how I think you should make GL. However, why delete files at all? You could just back them up with a different file extension, and if the worst happens - an error during an install, and NO backup zip was created - then you didn't delete anything. Simply restore the files (or tell the user how to) and then cancel the install. Oh, I guess I did end up stating what I think. Well, anyway, it's safer. What do you think?

    I ended up uninstalling both GL and T3 from my work system and left it that way, so I don't have further details at this time, but could perhaps assist if there's anything to be learned from this (aside from being TERRIFIED! just kidding! ).

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    SneaksieDave, the deletion errors are either due to the savegame path erroring in some way or due to a failed install.
    GL removes only the files it extracts from the zip and the majority of the save games folder (after backing up). The problem is that occasionally during a hang (note that some T3 FMs do take a long time to install due to their size) the reference file becomes corrupt and (although I have not yet been able to recreate this) effectively has part of a path recorded. GL then picks it up and seeing the path as a folder itself attempt to delete it. This has been adjusted in the next version to only handle it if there is an extention for the current file in the reference file.

    One thing to remember though is that GL creates a mass of log files in its install directory (additional ones can be switched on).
    Debug.log - contains information about zip contents and whats being installed (resets every time GL starts up).
    SQL_Log.log - Can be swicthed on via the GarrettLoader.ini file and contains most of the SQL queries passed to the GarrettLoader Database (this can get quite big).
    infilelog.log - contains information about any Thief 3 ini file updates that GL would have done for the last T3 FM installed.

    The best bet for what may have caused a problem is in the debug.log file which I am updating in the next version to contain some more detailed info.

    Just for info the wiki contains (or will when its finished) details of what GL does for each game install

    And all GarrettLoader info can be found in the GarrettLoader Category:

    Also GL does basically exactly what yours does except that it zips up the files rather than renaming them THEN it extracts the zip allowing overwrites and when an FM is fully uninstalled (by installing another one) it restores the contents of the zip (basically its done that way to save a bit of space on the hard drive).

    What concerns me is why it hung on you and what was it trying to do (what stage out of 8).

    Also for anyone else reading, if you do get problems with GL, the first thing to do before starting it up again is to send me your debug.log file or post the last few lines of it here).

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    Next time I install T3 to my work system, I will try to repeat all of this and give you as much info as possible.

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    SneaksieDave, thanks, it always helps to know what happens on other peoples PCs, I can only test on mine and have so far had no problems.

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    yeah.... so i'm trying to think of an un-gay greeting and i can't, so.... hello?

    ive been using these forums as troubleshooting references for years and i couldnt help but notice (especially with this thread) how pro you kids are at teh whole programming schtick (mmmm... first time i saw that spelled was in gabriel knight 3... good times...). i salute you, comrades! oh, damn, i just realized that me addressing you guys as comrades would be liek... oh, i dont know.... saying jesus (or insert other religious protaganist here... its important to be political correct. i'm not sure why, but i hear that it is) and i are sandbox buddies. its not true.

    ...this sucks that i fear the registry and system files so much that i admire you all for messing with it and potentially killing your hds as you know it (on teh inside, as you know the soft, downy insides of your hds). it sucks and i suck. bah.

    despite this seemingly depressing fact, what the fuck, potterr?!!

    Quote Originally Posted by potterr
    not having XP I am unable to determine where this would occur. However I have a distinct feeling that it is when it is deleting the saved games (after it has backed them up so that they do not appear in the FM). I am presuming that these are kept in you documents and settings folder still?
    no xp? although even i have found it quite lacking in some (many?) areas, a lot of its features cannot be beaten (task manager, anyone?). and you (and a bunch of other people on teh forums and in this very thread, but i no listie them because im not a member of your cool-assed close community... not yet?) are all uber-1337 with the progs, yet newb with teh os? no matter how much i beat my mind with a worn leather belt, it still screams at me and, by extension, you. it screams 'why', my friend. why?

    --Marilyn (call me wtf you want, i just thought id throw my name out there so i won't ever have to again, lol.)

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    Hi, wtf. (You asked for it. ) Welcome to our little corner of hell... I mean T3Ed-ing.

    I think Windows 2000 is more hardcore than XP. Less consumerist flashy graphics, more Real Ultimate Power. And using Windows 98 makes you even more hardcore, especially these days... you have to be hardcore, because nothing runs on it and it crashes every three seconds! Bwahahaha.

    And you may call me "comrade" if you wish. But then again, I'm a pinko greenie chardonnay-sipping leftist, so I'd take it as a compliment.

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    I personally have windows 2000 Pro, a laptop with windows XP Pro (which doesn't have a good enough graphics card to run T3 on so I haven't bothered with it). I also have Win XP on 2 of my PCs at work and Windows 2000 Pro on another one. Out of all of them I use windows 2000, XP bugs me with its "You don't need to see this, I'll do that for you...don't you worry...nearly there...oh, it didn't work...oh well, can't help you there sorry" way in which it does things. Part of my job is to build automated self fixes for windows and other software, delivered and distributed through a sophisticated self help system (so good Microsoft bought up some of it...and its strange that you can always tell when MS re-sell a product because it actually works ). I've been deep into XP (and I'm part of building a heavily locked down self healing XP build for 125,000 PCs at work), 2k and started to look at Vista...and I can say until Vista is at Service Pack 1, I will keep my home PC at 2K as I much prefer 2k (Although I do love MS's Avalon technology in Vista and if you like XPs bubbly graphic format, wait till you see what Avalon can do).
    I have to admit 2k doesn't have all the fancy bits XP does and may not be quite so fast, but it is much better at actually knowing what's going on than XP.

    Anyway back to GarrettLoader...

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    dammit, man... or men... you kids and your genders lol

    anyway, dammit!!!! i knew i was uber-n00b and now you do too because i have no fucking idea what you just said. seriously, though, how did you learn all that? school or self-taught? because all i know i have mostly taught myself (aka i know very little) and the rest is from my parents (who used to own a small hardware and software repair business before the likes of gateway and dell and best buy (yeah, parentheses within parentheses: who the hell thought up best buy's motherfucking geek squad. they take the word geek and make it into something dirty... in fact, i feel liek i should be getting the rubbing alcohol, qtip, and tweezers out right now to clean my keyboard) took them out. cheaper to buy a new comp than repair one if you had nothing but your gay-asses buddy lists on it). grr. but, hey, thats capitalism with a not so healthy dose of communism, but, liek msg, it tastes a little better (edit:: it makes the meat more tender, it doesnt affect the taste, does it? idk, but its incredibly important!!) to most, no?
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    oh, and, as little as i know, even i hate how xp holds your hand while it walks you through the park, avoiding anything remotely informative or customizable, such as the seperate drinking fountains mere feet from teh playground. and the default search setting does not search system/hidden files. wtf?!

    therefore, all you amateur programmers and designers and uber-users, probs from a liddle girl who is now going to watch conan reruns and play the late night (with conan o'brien) drinking game, lol. maybe then ill try playing with teh t3 editor so i can see my own mission in teh pot's new(ish) prog.


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    Jump on in, sepsis! You can't be more of a noob than I. I was lucky enough to be checking out the forum when the editor was released, so I got in on the ground floor and managed to make a small contribution or two before these genius's blew me away and left me choking on their dust, but I'm still plugging away at it. The good thing is that now I have their contributions to help me along! Anyhow, the more, the merrier! Welcome aboard!

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    sepsis, self taught mostly, some (VB,C#,C++,ASP,Cold Fusion,XML,SQL Server) courses paid for by work but most of which I already knew or I would never really use again.
    One of the problems most people have with learning about computers, programming, etc is that people are terrified about breaking the PC. Best thing to do is have an old PC, take it appart, put it back together and realise how simple it is (although put it back together roughly or wrong and swear a lot ). Once you know whats inside the box, using it is less scary. You can write VB script in notepad if you want (just a new text file with the .txt extention changed to .vbs), look up some references on the web and learn a bit about it..same with some other can do them for free easily.

    Anyway, back to the topic in hand...any more bugs found in GL not on the wiki?


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    Hmm... Maybe the wrong forum, but this is the only one I read right now. Anyhow, I can see all my Thief 1 & 2 FMs listed, but I am not given the opportunity to install or play them. The buttons don't turn green. The FM data shows up in the bottom screen alright and I do get a green Play button for the OMs. Thief 3 works fine. Any ideas?

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    can you send me your GarrettLoader.ini (or post the contents here in a code tab). GL would only enable the install button if your T1/2 game paths were set, chances are they are not correct for some reason (GL would allow you to see the FMs though as it allows management of FMs without the game installed).

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    Location: Dunno. What week is it?

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    Couple of things I notice here:

    This appears to be pointing to your T3ed save games path for your saves. GL will use the save games from there which could cause a bit of confusion (caused by most likely running thief3loader to launch the editor before configuring GL).
    Your paths appear to be correctly set up though. I will try and compile a new version of GL tommorrow and send it off to you, it has a lot more logging and should indicate where the issue lies.

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    Thanks, potterr. I was rather curious why my save folder was in the editor path, too, but since T3 seems to be working okay, I let it stay.

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    Oh well. I also have a problem. I installed Thief3 (already patched), installed GL all-in-one. Then after selecting T3Main.exe in GL it crashed. Ok, then selected the whole thing again, I think I managed to select and copy the saves to the Thief map (you know, where it asks you). Then I ran The Walk; it throws me direct to the default loading screen, and after some time it crashes without any warning. And the problem is, I load the OM back, and my saves are gone!
    This is the SQL_Log:
    1/4/2006 4:04:27 PM--UPDATE table_scores SET installed = 0 WHERE zip_name = ''
    1/4/2006 4:04:49 PM--UPDATE table_scores SET installed = 1 WHERE zip_name = ''
    1/4/2006 4:04:50 PM--UPDATE table_scores SET installed = 1 where zip_name = ''
    1/4/2006 4:04:56 PM--UPDATE table_recent SET installed_date = now() where rank = 1
    1/4/2006 4:04:56 PM--UPDATE table_scores SET last_played = now() WHERE zip_name = ''
    Thanks in advance and if this has been answered before, sorry, just give me the link.

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    The crash is due to a bug that is fixed in the next version. The save games should still be in a zip file called in a folder called allsaves in yoru thief deadly shadows game folder (should have been restored automatically unless it crashed due to a rights permission found in windows XP Service Pack 2, which I am currently working on a way round).
    Could you post the contents of your garrettloader.ini file as that helps more with determining if your setup is correct. Also an additional tool in the next version of GL will help to determine if your T3 install is correctly setup by allowing comparrisons....which reminds me I must finish it....

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