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Thread: C6 mission Starting from Scratch

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    Registered: Apr 2003
    Location: here in the USA
    Nice mission. I have all the objects except I can't find
    the way out via the sub basement
    . Which room is it in?

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    Location: cesspool
    Finished it - 2675 loot out of 2700 (99%) and more than an hour of gameplay. Nice FM, good use of space - quite large mansion for such size restrictions.

    The only thing I din't like is that it ran slow somehow, it could use some optimization. Huge Krellek's Labyrinth ran considerably more smooth.

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    Location: cesspool
    Search for some boards that block your way in the basement.

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    Starting From Scratch

    I have completed almost all of the requirements for this mission except for finding a way out of the house.
    In the subbasement with all the zombies there is a door with a lock pick on it. Unfortunately I can not get the door unlocked in time without the zombies killing me.
    Is this a way out and if so is it the only way out?
    I should hope its not the only way out since the zombies are making it hard.

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    You need to get through the basement quietly so you have time to pick the lock. Did you see the holes you can go through? There's also some holy water in a chest in the basement that might come in handy.

    I'm going to merge this with a recent thread about this mission. It's a good idea to do a search and see if a thread has already been created for a mission that hasn't been out to long before you start another one. It makes it much easier when people are searching for answers later on to not have to open a bunch of threads with only 1 or 2 questions/answers.

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    Thanks NightWalker. I was wondering if there was any holy water. Just didn't look hard enough.

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    Another solution for getting past the "last door":


    There is a key for that door somewhere in the subbasement.


    Behind some rubble, to the right of a hole-in-the-wall (the one to the right as you come up the stairs).

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    Well, hello Joebarnin and thanks for a very fine mission!
    (Btw, I seem to enjoy FMs where Garrett has to find the Tools of his Trade.)

    And yours had me feeling like a "trapped rat" for several minutes, especially for Ghosting, with your most excellent use of "guard patterns" or simply having them stand in just the right place.

    Plus the way you gradually increased your "spook factor", from the basement and then down to that really intense sub-basement, was like superbly done Silent Hill stuff, dude!

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    i'm through the floor door in the kitchen, i went down the ladder, went up the other ladder but i can't get past the canvas, and can't get past the stack of woods. I don't have a dagger, where is it?

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    Registered: Apr 2004
    Um, I forgot. Really, it's been a year and a half since I wrote the mission.
    I know there was something in a chest in the "second" bedroom (the one next to the room you start in). Also, there is a chest to the left of the stove in the kitchen. And another chest in the upstairs bedroom (to the right of the bed). And another chest in the other upstairs room. Oh, and a chest in the 3rd downstairs bedroom. But try the kitchen one first, that's my best guess.
    One of those has the dagger, I'm pretty sure. You will need the dagger to get past the two places you mention.

    My poor memory...


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    i somehow managed to get through the two baricaded places using blackjack

    still i checked every chest upstaris, downstairs and nada

    i try it again. I got to the sewer door exit, but without the dagger i can't finish the mission. thanks:

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    Registered: Apr 2004
    I think it might have been a script that gave you the dagger when you opened a chest. So if there is a bug and the script didn't work, you may be out of luck. The only option would be to start over from the beginning. Sorry about that.

    I don't have the TDS or the editor installed right now so I can't check.

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    another thread that has'nt been visited in a LOOOONG time!

    well, i'll ask anyways!
    (who knows, may get lucky for once!)

    1.opened a chest and got the message "new upgrade acquired", already had all my gear (picks,dagger,BJ,etc), so what the heck was that?
    2. in room upstairs,hidden button on right side of deskwhat the heck did it do?
    (i got the quiet sound of it being pressed but no other sound and i don't see anything that's different!)

    nice to have banner slashing in T3, specially with a secret passage behind it!!!!, BUT, the white dust "poof" of T3 just isn't as satisfying as seeing the thing fall to the floor in a puddle of cloth!
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    Button on deskopens the bookcase for the adjoining room,I think

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    Registered: Apr 2004
    I designed the mission but this is all from memory (my computer currently isn't set up to run T3).

    1. Probably a bug - ignore
    2. Opens the case in the same room so that you don't have to smash the glass to get to the loot. If you smash the guard comes running.


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    Location: Central Texas

    Scripting Bug?

    Ok, when I first downloaded and played this mission, the button under the desk opened up a secret passage to the next room over (behind a bookcase.) Also, when I read the letter on that same desk I got objective update. Now, neither happens and I cannot figure out what changed. Any idea on what could be the problem?

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    Registered: May 2005
    • Expert difficulty
    • 47 minutes
    • 99% loot
    • 0 hints needed

    Elements I liked:
    • I really liked this mission! Should be fun to ghost on the second playthrough.
    • The mansion you are in feels realistic and detailed.
    • There are some hidden passageways and even an instance of banner slashing. It felt like Thief!
    • Loot placement is perfect. You must work for your loot, but it is not hidden in unfair locations.
    • The author added an alternative way to get the loot in the second-floor display case without smashing the glass and alerting the guards, but you must find it.
    • The sub-basement was creepy. I chose to sneak around the undead rather than confronting them, which made for some tense moments. The mission ends on a high note.

    Elements that could be improved:
    • There are no objectives in the menu before the start of the mission. The objectives appear when you are in the mission proper.
    • Odd choice of Lord Jensen to put you into a room with an unlocked door and no guard posted directly in front of it.
    • The player is easily damaged by the fire in the kitchen if they approach the floor hatch to the storage room.
    • Why would Garrett find the glyph for the destruction of Gamall's statue minions in a chest in Lord Jensen's basement?
    • The unmoving fans in the sub-basement damage Garrett.

    • In the dining hall, loot glint remains after you steal the painting on the wall.
    • In the dining hall, I saw the shadow of a mug on the table projected onto the floor rather than onto the table.
    • In the kitchen, if you snatch the stand from under the pot, the pot floats in mid-air.

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