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Thread: C6 - Skulduggery

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    C6 - Skulduggery

    Finished this, it was fun, but it was really dark too. I really liked the layout, it's reminding me of some of the old Thief missions I've been playing from Thief Gold. Lord Bafford's Manor in a way. Short but sweet.

    I hope they continue making this one much larger because it was just over too soon.

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    I agree, its a good little mission but there could have been more.

    Good job author

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    An enjoyable little romp. BTW
    I've retrieved the skull and returned to the starting place. Nothing happens.
    Are you supposed to put it somewhere?

    Found the exact spot after running around a bit. Sorry
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    I did this one twice the first time it ended when I went back outside the second time it didn't. Don't know why.

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    It didn't end when I played it through either.

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    The readme mentions that this is a known bug, and suggests you drop or toss the skull outside, then got back inside yourself, then come back out, and it should work.

    Edit: he he
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    As it says in the readme:
    The leave with the skull objective is glitchy. Rather than carrying the skull outside, try throwing or dropping it out there and then re-exiting the building. (Or throw the skull through the door before running after it.)
    Edit: DAMN YOU KOMAG!!

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    A readable mentions a seceret passage. Anyone find it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dominoid
    A readable mentions a seceret passage. Anyone find it?

    behind the bookcase in the room w/the safe. The switch is in the closet in the same room

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    Anyone found all the loot? I'm still missing 50 gold and looked everywhere...found also the two purses in the guards bedroom and the church.

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    If it's so bloody dark I can't see where I'm going why am I nearly always visible? Could be a fun mission, but the lighting needs to be totally reworked.

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    Why not to increase brightness from the game menu? Many T1 missions were just as dark.
    Or use your zoom function, which also works like night goggles in T3.

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    (Thanks 242, for that suggestion and those T1 retro-ideas.)

    And to Crispy, was that your plan to get back into some classic T1 gameplay?
    Well, some may not like that effect for a constant diet of darkness, in T3.
    But for a short adventure, like your Skulduggery here, it was kind of neat being constantly paranoid about guards creeping-out of dark places with only their footsteps to warn me.

    (Plus I have never been so completely dependent on the LightGem's glow in all of the T3 FMs, so far, mate!)

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    - nice
    - could be good part of bigger mission
    - outside needs a sky
    - inside too dark
    - works with german version (but no objectives are shown)

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    • Expert difficulty
    • 19 minutes
    • 97% loot
    • 0 hints needed

    Elements I liked:
    • Short, but fun.
    • The one readable in the mission has a perfect length and is engaging.
    • A Hammerite noticed that I had stolen a chalice near the entrance.

    Elements that could be improved:
    • Rather easy, even on Expert difficulty.
    • Architecture is serviceable, but rather basic.
    • The ambient light level feels too low.
    • No skybox? This looks like a bug.

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