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Thread: Thief 2 FM: The Creepy Temple (10/28/2005)

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    Thief 2 FM: The Creepy Temple (10/28/2005)

    P Forth has just released a new FM for Thief 2: The Creepy Temple

    It's a small Halloween mission

    For screenshots take a look here:

    The mission can be download from thiefmissions:

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    It's finished? Great. Downloading now.

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    YAY!!! Thanks pforth. Been watching this one in the holiday thief mission thread.

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    Cool, 3 FMs in 2 days. Hope the trend continues...

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    I got the red key, but I need some other key to get into the locked doors. Any clues? I'm currently in the cemetery.

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    For the key to get through to the "altar room":

    Go down the left hallway and up to the belltower. Look for a mushroom, behind it will be a switch that opens a gate to a room with a small spider guarding a chest (you'll pass it on your way back). In it is an orange key.

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    anyone found the horn? i must be missing some room (or probably a whole map!)

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    IIRC: The horn is behind the door in the graveyard. You need the key from the back right chest in the big altar room with 2 invisible ghosts

    Had some fun with the invisible ghosts and that evil thing.
    Short and funny mission, though there are some lenghty ways to walk. Thanks, pforth.

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    Great mission. Only a couple of weird problems. The objectives won't tick off for me and all the hit points went away when a haunt attacked me and I did not die. I made it through the whole thing without getting killed. I think there is something wrong with my thief game set up because this happened in the last mission that was released. Not being able to be killed is cool but it really reduces the challenge of a mission to a treasure hunt.

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    That's most probably not a problem with this specific FM, since it worked for me. IIRC, it can be T2X related. Try replacing your convict.osm.

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    I already did replaced convict.osm, but maybe I'll do it again just for fun.

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    Did we relally need this poor remake of Mechanist Cathedral (which was nothing laudable either)?

    Though pretty much enjoyed Close Encounters of yours! Thanks for mission anyway. Try to rise standarts of quality with each attempt!

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