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Thread: I have a .pdf version of RPGdot's Arx guide. Need it?

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    Registered: May 2005
    Sure thing, twisty. I will only use it if I get stuck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by josephthediviner View Post
    I recently got a pink slip and have been going thru all of the lod games and one of them that I for what ever reason never installed was Arx.
    I'm a noob but having a ball with Far Cry and even getting pretty good with crysis but this puzzle game is driving me up a wall I have gotten down to the big white worm and huge spider, seen the snake ladies and tried to get thru a purple curtain and of course the wall that I cant get past.
    How do you get the two brothers to trade? I have enough gold for an invisible potion but they keep refering me to each other, and the land and water trols , do you whack one or the other?
    Any help would be really appreciated. Jim.
    Yeah it's me again and guess what another pink slip, shoots it's getting hard to keep making a living when all of the jobs are moving offshore... I am pretty good at the game now and still loving it.... Jim.

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