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Thread: New tutorial on QVars (inc objectives)

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    New tutorial on QVars (inc objectives)

    When I was building MechBank, I was messing a bit with QVars (the timer on the roof, and the levers thing), so I started to write a tutorial. Telliamed suggested I include objectives, among other things, and the result is rather larger than I originally intended. However, it is pretty comprehensive now. As well as everything you could want to know about mission objectives, it also has (I think) the very first combination lock with random numbers (uses the new scripts by Nameless_voice).

    [Thanks to epithumia for hosting it.]

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    I was working on an updated version of The Haunting, which was going to have a random combination for the safe, but although I had it working (I believe I used VK's RandomRelay script), I never rereleased the mission.
    Still sitting on my hardware somewhere...

    Oh, wait. My point? In The Haunting, you could still find out the combination when it was random, but under normal circumstances (for an odometer lock), it's not really possible, except with NVOnscreenText (which is a little ugly), or by using 10000 book .str files...

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