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Thread: T2 FM: The Den (Nov. 26, 2005)

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    It's hard to explain shortly. Check the walkthrough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ffox View Post
    It's hard to explain shortly. Check the walkthrough.
    Thanks Ffoxx, found it

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    I've just played the missions again. And I must admit that gameplay and atmosphere still beats actual games. It's incredible, what amazing missons can be created on base of a 11 years old engine.
    Gaetane, I'm really looking forward for your next mission.
    Many thanks for the time and effort you put in to provide us with such amazing missions.
    Kind regards,

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    I just replayed this myself, wonderful mission. But i am surprised about one thing, storyline wise I am surprised that simply taking the Molte Stone diminished it's power. All the rock creatures collapsed for example, yet strangely enough the two that appear immediately after you take the stone don't fall apart. I mean from the readables, anyone who gets near this stone, or even if you don't get near it, it's power can corrupt and suck the soul out of weak minded people. Of course Garrett is anything but weak minded. I am sorry if this was explained in the mission, but i don't recall it.
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    It is a very interesting question I don't remember exactly the story of "The Den", it's been so long ago! But if I remember correctly some things from the story, it is a last defense reaction from the stone for to protect itself.
    It's nice to know that this old mission is not forgotten

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    I re-played this one again after some years... the more you play the fm's as time goes by and new improvements are made , the more demanding you (I ) become due to so many gifted makers and inspired people in this community... Now I only wish to play the cream de la cream of the exicting missions and this one is truly one of them...more than that... it is a Masterpiece... thank you gaetane for all your missions.. you are an amazingly gifted woman and I hope that your skills have opened you some serious doors at the game industry.

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    second time playing this series. Absolutely loved it.
    However, I am having the hardest time jumping up on the rope that I fired close to the heart. every time, I jump up on the balcony and I fall to the floor below where L'Arsene is. I cannot make the jump to the rope. So frustrating.

    I knew this would happen!! LOL I knew as soon as I posted I'd get it done. Weird
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    I knocked out everyone. If I had ghosted instead, would the sentinels that go on patrol after you obtain the five senses key have ignored L'Arsene's staff or killed them?

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    i'm playing on level easy but now i stuck

    i should recover my goods , but how?

    and where can i find l'arsene?

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    Quote Originally Posted by uncadonego View Post
    I knocked out everyone. If I had ghosted instead, would the sentinels that go on patrol after you obtain the five senses key have ignored L'Arsene's staff or killed them?

    They would have gone on quite the rampage, killing everything in sight.

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