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Thread: Faceless Mission up for Adoption

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    Faceless Mission up for Adoption

    Anyone wanna take the Faceless mission and complete it with me, co-op (taking control of construction while I feed custom content)? I'm trying to finish another, larger project for UT2007.

    (for those of you who are aware of the OTHER faceless thread, it's about 1 1/2 years old and very stinky, so this is my final go with this)

    - If you don't know what Faceless is, you can looky here:

    - Or here; brighter and more in-depth, but without sound:

    I also Frapped up plenty of footage of the mission, in the hopes of educating any potential takers who could take and complete this:
    (2011 Update: some of my ideas have changed since recording this. For instance, I no longer like the idea of trying to make everything as scary as possible, because I don't think that kind of terror always allows the max possible likability in a mission (sometimes it does), and it excludes a lot of people.)

    Workload for full mission:

    1 castle and 1 cathedral of fairly simple construction. Each would have very little deco or furnishings inside (the story is that these places have never been used).

    1 outdoor area: a castle property with a sectioned-off swamp in back. Potential construction includes: a small ape-beast village (nothing elaborate - I'll provide meshes for their homes), a shed, an underground storage area, a small cellar, a small crypt, and two cloned boathouses (shaped like barns, with an open end for boat).

    12 scripted events: this is a rough estimate of how many planned scripted events there are. Most are simple, but the boat-ride involves setting up a path, and figuring out a way to trap player on a boat, then let him out at a stop.

    Instead of having 3 difficulty settings, you have 3 nights, and you play them in order. You simply spawn in a different place each night... (assuming doing this is as simple as creating 3 spawn points with "difficulty tags", forcing each one to only appear on the correct night). Each night, new buildings and areas become accessible (via that simple "difficulty tag". For instance, on night 1, there might be a giant locked door. On night 2, the difficulty tag would swap that out for an unlocked one). There'd be a large, persistent puzzle that spans the 3 nights. The creatures and objects throughout the map would also have a "difficulty tag", allowing them to only appear on the right nights.

    Workload if we do a light mission instead:

    1 castle: a cradle-sized building, with similar construction.

    1 outdoor area around castle: ape-beast village is replaced by a simple forest walk where you can see their houses up on the ledges (an area like that is already built).

    Just a handful of scripted events: all simple triggers, usually just making objects move, playing a sound, or making an AI do something.

    Mission spans one night, with regular difficulty settings.

    1 large puzzle: the puzzle will still be fairly lengthy to play through.


    If you have any questions, just ask.
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    I'd love more than anything to take this on Dario, but I'm already swamped with more mission work than I can handle, including finishing a couple of other people's missions (DP2 for example) as well as 4 or 5 of my own. If this had come along before I got into DP2 I might have done this.

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    I hope someone takes this up, I would but ive never touched dromed, sound terribley complicated :-)

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    God, I would LOVE to. I only have one mission under my belt though. you prob. want a more experienced DromEditor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikerdude
    I hope someone takes this up, I would but ive never touched dromed...
    Same with me. No DromEd experience but I'd love to see this finished. Come on guys, Dario is looking for someone to work with him on Faceless and implement his ideas into dromed. He doesnt have time to finish it all by himself. Do you have no fanmission to work on at the moment? Help him out and make yourself legendary! Faceless has a good chance to become a classic.

    Dario, I visited both sites but I can't hear the music

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    I said this before, but I could say it again to keep things into perspective.

    The important thing is that Dario's got his extensive design-notes package put together now, so that we all know the torch will be passed sooner or later and they will know (apparently exactly) what needs to be done to finish it up ... whenever it gets started. Everything else really is just a matter of finding/waiting for the right conditions to get the project up and running on its own steam, some dromeders with some time and initiative.

    Right now, it's the holiday season and many of the experienced/prolific dromeders have a queue of projects (and RL) they're working on, so it's no surprise that there's a little lull right now, probably until after the holidays. That doesn't mean this project will slip through -- if it wasn't forgotten before, it won't be again. Just give it a little patience. I mean it's only been a few days since he even released his notes. When some dromeders get their queue open my prediction is that it'll jump right onto the assembly line and be back in action. Have some faith...

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    But just for the fun of it: Carry this torch .......someone out there....!!!
    I would if I could!!! REALLY! But I m not into Dromed right now.
    I wanted to get into this for s long but sorry! I'm not ..... still!

    But please: feel free to join in on this one, you: all-knowing-leaders-of-the-Thief-knowing-and-creating-masters-of-the-universe-of-all-times-kind-of-crew!!!

    Gloria Creep ..... please!!!?
    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    Quote Originally Posted by demagogue
    The important thing is that Dario's got his extensive design-notes package put together now, so that we all know the torch will be passed sooner or later and they will know (apparently exactly) what needs to be done to finish it up ... whenever it gets started. Everything else really is just a matter of finding/waiting for the right conditions to get the project up and running on its own steam, some dromeders with some time and initiative.
    I agree; thanks for the insight.

    There's no rush to get this going; if I have to wait for the right conditions and right people, then so be it. It's only a matter of time...

    ...and the hotline server isn't going anywhere. I run it 24/7 for my mod team.

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    A bump for... for nothing. A bump. You know why.

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    Has no one taken this on then..?

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    Yeah.... MY Question too?!!!

    Gloria Creep

    Taffers, let's keep this post UP HERE .... on the forum!

    Somebody should react .................. right?!!!

    Gloria Creep
    There're angels who playThief and angels who don't ........ both go to heaven ............
    Dare to join .............

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    You bet

    Well the video on my website has been downloaded 210 times this month, using up 30/40 gigs of my bandwidth, so it's out there... that's for sure.

    But, so far nobody has downloaded videos 3, 4, 5, or 6 from Hotline, suggesting that so far nobody wants to take the rest of it on.

    Maybe if I hang some moolah in front of it, someone will... wait... [checks pockets]. Okay, nevermind the moolah part.

    Fiddlesticks thus far.

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    Moolah, oh yes (rubs greedy palms together)... oh, no moolah... (slips back into shadows)

    I actually think it looks really good, too bad you couldn't finish it Dario. Unfortunately i'm in the same boat as everyone else around here. I still don't know how to use Dromed (correctly that is) and I've got too many projects going to take on another.

    If I did have the time, I'd probably be more into using the terrain than having to stick to the entire project as is. i don't know, just harder to finish someone else vision than come up with my own... of course, not having the time to do it I haven't looked at it closely enough to know if i would like to finish what's laid out.

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    Ya, I know what your boat looks like... but didn't you make Relic: Left for Dead? Sounds like you're plenty familiar enough with Dromed to me But yeah, I know what you mean. Sucks when you have an agenda, but no money to wave in front of people.

    I've been thinking about offering money to anyone who could successfully finish it. I've already given over $200 out for production of my mod (which works very well might I add... I got 3x the amount of help as soon as I started waving around a Benjamin)

    If someone finished this mission with great result, I'd be willing to dish out anywhere from 3 to $600 for their work, depending on the calibre of the final product. I know it's relatively modest for the time it takes, but that's what I've got... I need to save some for the mod as well.

    So you can understand that I just want this mission done, dag-nabbit Theoretically I could just get a job for a month and then pay some serious moolah, but with that logic, I could finish it myself., got too much other stuff to do.
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    Bump in the night

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    Necromancing level 185 thread revive spell!!!

    any word on this? i had looked at the screenshots last winter and suddenly just remembered it a few days ago. seems it would be a shame to just let it die.

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    Well, I haven't forgotten about it. I was thinking about taking it on myself as soon as I had some time ... but I knew that would take a long time to get to that point.

    As long as Dario has all the info, the .mis files, the videos and documentation, etc, then I think it can be taken on eventually, after other projects have moved out of the way. It just has to find its way into a queue ... and that may just be a matter of time.

    I might feel even more comfortable about it if Dario went ahead and uploaded all his documentation and the .mis files he has so far to (since the site has the space and epithumia is always encouraging exactly this sort of thing), just to mirror it so it doesn't all get lost and (heaven forbid) Dario disappears.

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    Disappears? Why would I- ...oh, it's that stupid magician again, isn't it? Always waving his wand around, and telling me to stand behind the curtain when he says the magic word. Dont worry, I'll be here... as long as I get instant email notification of replies to all my threads.

    As for the mission itself, I think it would make sense to cut most of the plans, in order to shrink the workload. Utilizing 100% of the plans would require a very large effort. Someone would have to build a small cathedral, a mansion-sized castle (so, two missions worth of construction), a property around it, and about 12 unique scripted events, which have to be rigged... spanning 3 nights (holy crap!), which would mean entirely new monsters, loot, and puzzles for each night.

    The lite version, which would be a lot easier, would be 1 large building (the castle, which wouldn't have to be large or furnished - it's supposed to have a "never been used" look), a smaller property around it, and maybe 5 unique scripted events to give it some character and life... and the mission would span only one night.

    It's far lesser, but with far greater chance of being completed

    Edit: I added a breakdown of the workload to the initial post, to make it very clear how long this would take someone to complete
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    where can I found the screenshots? This sounds very interesting

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    Quote Originally Posted by Garrett View Post
    where can I found the screenshots? This sounds very interesting
    This mission used to be found on SouthQuarter until it was hacked and the archive was lost.

    EDIT: But there still seems to be a copy on DarkFate along with screenshots (where else ?)
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    Hi Dario, im willing to take part of your team, the links above seems to be useless, could you show me some screenshots about the current project in question, is it for thief 2?

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    The screens are still visible through Dario's video gaming page. Or this page.

    Man, so old of a project, so good looking still. The screens can still function as an example for dromeders of what thief level design should be.

    cardia, I don't know if his offer still stands (since it dates from 2005). But it's worth asking him.

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    ...and i thought this was a recent post, i cant believe no one has joined Darios project, i have just seen the screens , and looks great. Anyway i still got a project to finish with Darthlair and Ravenhook, then ill contact Dario to see if he still lives

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    I live, lol.
    I updated the links in the original post. You can see the screenshots there, cardia.

    I've decided to hold onto the mission for a while, though, because I want to do something with it later. (I just have to get some of my project stuff done, first.) The plans I recorded are fairly obsolete now, and I have a bunch of ideas that I think are better.
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    Dario, check your pm...

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