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Thread: Broken Hammers by Spoonman

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    Broken Hammers by Spoonman

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    Cool, thanks buddy.

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    Nice mission overall, liked the Half Life referance, but I'm stuck near the end:

    Iv'e killed the undead horde near the Hammerite camp, but the objective for it won't tick off and I also seem to be missing a key for the door in the tomb.

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    Same predicament as Emerald Wolf

    I'm stuck in exactly the same spot as Emerald Wolf.

    No Keys, tomb wall blown open, door above tomb that can't be opened and undead horde all dead. Haven't got all my gear ticked off - couldn't find it all and once you are through the hole in the mountain and in the ghost town - you can't get back out. The Overview said don't kill any Hammerites - so I didn't - not realising that Zombie Hammerites don't count.
    Ghosted most of the way through to the ghost town before I realised they were allowed to be killed.
    Escape from the Hammerite compund is not ticked off, even tho I think I am well away from there.
    Killed the undead captain and all his minions - hasn't ticked off.
    Don't kill any Hammerites is OK - not ticked off.
    Only objective ticked is get a sword.

    How do I finish? Any one help me please? Thanks for your time.

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    I stuck to
    find my stuff and my sword, where is it!?

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    Garrett's Equipment:
    Pick up the quiver in the hallway where the mission initially starts.

    Next to a zombie after leaving by the high priest's room.

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    Recommend you post in the Editor's Guild for help.


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    Too bad, I started to play it, despite a few bugs it's a very interesting one. But I'll wait for a working version to play it any further. You should have beta-tested it first before releasing...

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    Pity it is un-winable

    Quirk - Please don't take my earlier post as hard criticism and get discouraged.

    I have never even finished building a Thief FM of my own and I have much admiration for any one who does actually persevere with Dromed and finishes building a map. Keep plugging away - this will be a great map when de-bugged. It was really hard ghosting the first couple of hours till I realised undead Hammerites were allowed to be killed.

    Replayed the map last night in case I had done something wrong. Also found several other problems - some undead Hammerites when picked up after killing them would crash Thief2 back to desktop, there are several invisible walls on the rooftop section of the ghost town, player can smash the timber boarding over windows of the tower in the same section through the walls, the blocks over the tomb entrance can be moved by just walking into them - sometimes this caused crashes back to desktop, other times when exploded with fire arrow would also cause crash to desktop. Will be a great map when sorted out.

    Please finish it and re-release it - I will wait eagerly to replay it again.

    Thank you for all your hard work so far.

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    I noticed that in your Mission Quest Data there are two "final" objectives. This may be causing a conflict. In the command box type this:

    quest_delete goal_final_3

    and press 'Enter'

    save it, put the new mis file in the zip file and test it again.

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    stil cant find sword is it before you find your quiver

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    stil cant find sword is it before you find your quiver
    well found it

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    having 'one-way only' passages is just plain wrong!!

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    strange ambient sound repeating...

    Does anybody else keep hearing the phrase:


    "Hmmm... could have sworn I saw something ..."

    loop over and over again in certain places? Its almost like some other sound generator is supposed to be there but its playing the wrong WAV file. Or is this intended???

    EDIT: Update on this. I played the mission on another computer that had a different (perhaps non-tainted) installation of Thief 2 and I did not hear the sound. Seems like some older mission didn't uninstall correctly or maybe it was because I had installed Dromed Deluxe on that Theif 2 installation.

    Anyway, it doesn't seem like something inherit to this mission.
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    Quirk re: bugs list

    I'll replay it again and note exactly where I find something strange happening and get it to you in the next day or so. I build and repair computers and this time of year is mad. I won't get to play Thief again for a day or so now.

    The invisible walls
    - one I can remember is in the ghost town on the roof nearly straight in front of the 4th archer, if you keep to the left, counting from the hole in the mountain you use to get through the mountain. If you try to run and jump from the archers spot over to the other side of the alley - half way across you hit an invisible wall in mid air and drop down into the alley instead of continuing across. This happens 3 times out of 4 that I tried.

    Great first map anyway.

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    I'm outside the big building with the undead inside and the trees and wisp thing outside. How do I get in there? (btw, I love the guy who dies with a sword in him just when you get to him, it's so realitic )

    Never mind, I finally got it.
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    I know this mission is ancient but does anyone know what was the source of the undead awakening? I didn't find any readables that clarified the situation, so it's kind of a big mystery.

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    yes the source of the undead are all the people who did not pick up dewdrop and complete mission with him,so they are forever undead,that will teach them a lesson,a warning to all those who talk bad about dewdrop it might become your fate as well

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